1% outlaw biker

IamA 1%er outlaw biker AMA!

My short bio: Been a biker since i was a kid, and a member of clubs since the early 60s. I’m Diamondpatch a 1%er mother fucker and member of Reddit, mostly a member of the subreddit over at /r/harley.

My Proof: http://imgur.com/a/RaNm7

with the shit going down in Waco i thought it was a good time to do another AMA and get some questions in that people are probably asking about my culture as a whole. I wanted to do this now so that any questions you have are not answered by someone that only knows half truths.

here we go!

Any plans to pick up some cheap bikes at future Waco police auctions?

hahahahaha, this is fucking hilarious.

You seem to have a good sense of humor. Do you have a deep, fatherly chuckle or is it more of a maniacal cackle?

fatherly chuckle for sure.

My dad was paid to do illicit things for a guy from the Sons of Silence. Is it normal to go outside the club for things or was that guy irregular?

contracting out is pretty normal for things we dont want to get our hands dirty on.

Can you explain how you would have reacted in a situation like Waco?

pew pew pew pew pew ducks pew pew pew pew pew

Do you carry a weapon at all times?

I’m a felon, so no. but yes.

What’s your ‘role’ as a 1%er?

make sure that there is not enough alcohol in this world for you.

Is there some kind of code between clubs? It seems like you guys have a giant bullseye on your back, and any rival could just shoot you in the back.

this is true. This is the point too, its a come and do it mentality. We are either too brave or too stupid to back down. Both really.

Do the same girls hang around your club and bang everyone? Is it racially segregated?

we get girls that come and go.

yes it is.

What crimes have you been arrested for?

I have never been arrested for jaywalking or littering.

What does it take to become a member?

it takes a lot, pretty much your entire life is devoted and dedicated to the club.

How do you get paid? Average income for a member?

i’m retired now but used to drive a truck. We dont get income from the club….;)

Is there a division based on rank?


Have you seen the Southpark episode about bikers? If so what are your thoughts on that?

hahahahaha, I often will make the coughing harley noises when around some of our hotrod younger guys who rev their bikes non stop everywhere they are.

dont be a fag!

Are you good at BBQ? When I was a naive kid in a classic rock cover band, we got a gig for a biker gang’s friends and family gathering in the middle of nowhere and the two things I vividly remember are: 1. Being terrified and 2. A slow-roasted pig that was like ambrosia.

i have honestly never met a biker, or a club that didnt know how to do some bbq…… never thought of that till now haha.

Would a prospect’s BBQ ability help him gain membership? Let’s say he has won multiple awards for said BBQ.


infact i know a guy in our club that is an amazing cook and it helped him for sure.

Hypothetically, I can make you money. I’m not interested in the other shit, but I’m putting money in your pocket. I’m not a patch, but someone starts stepping on my toes, which takes money out of your hand and I let you know. Is someone going to get a knock on their door?

oh yeah, we defend our money makers.

How do you feel about shows like Sons of Anarchy? Do you find them laughable, insulting or are you indifferent?

I love it, its a show about motorcycles and clubs.

fake ass bikers who get offended about sons of anarchys are like mechanics getting pissy over tim the toolman taylor. Its a show…just sit down and enjoy it.

Have you ever considered running for political office?

I have.

but no i never will.

What is the reasoning behind a Harley only club instead of say American only? How stock does your bike have to be to still be considered a Harley?

it came down to that the majority of clubs were started after world war 2 and we were pro america and anti other countries that made bikes, like germany or japan.

Could you get in a HO club with a self built bike? Also, did you see Devils ride?

as long as it used an american made motor yes. we use the term harley only club, but in reality its a american only bike. I have.

I was at work one time and I saw a 1%er. I asked him how he was. Do you 1%er’s like to be asked how you are when shopping?

I’m an old man, and one of those old guys who will just sit and talk your ear off about the weather and apples and my joints. And how back in the day we had it harder than you kids!

How good were apples back in the day?

after walking up a hill in the snow both ways they were already rotten before we got to eat them. BUT WE STILL DID!

How good were your joints back in the day? Do you prefer joints, or other means of inhalation (such as pipe, hookah, or vaporizer)?

the shit you kids have today, is leaps and bounds better than anything i had back in the day.

What does your ride look like?

it looks like a road glide with a really big wind shield.

I used to be a service advisor at an HD dealer. Full patch clubbers seemed to unanimously ride road glides. It’s an easy riding bike for sure, but why road glides? Why not street glides or deckers?

you dont get the wind bobble that you get a street glide. also its a lighter bike on the front forks so you can use them easier day to day.

How likely do you think reprisals from that business in Waco are? For example, say I sometimes drink at a bar in Texas that Bandits “respectfully” frequent (ie, with a sober Sargent at Arms to keep anything from kicking off.) Would it be prudent to avoid it until things cool off, or is that chicken shit and I should just get the fuck out of there if any Cossacks/Scimitars show up wearing colors?

I would say just get out of there if any cossacks or their support clubs show up.

What’s the most ‘I hope I don’t get caught doing this’ moment you have had? I mean this in the sense of crying at a film or making a baloon animal. I know it seems an odd question, but I can never imagine anyone in a gang have a baby voice for their dog or listen to jazz with a facemask on but I know it must happen, the toughest of the tough are only human.

one of my grandkids left their nintendo witht he motion sensor joysticks at the club house. about 10 bikers playing these games and arguing about who was next, and for months we shit talked over who was better and talking about getting a nintendo for the club house.

Nintendo Wii, that’s brilliant.

thats what it was called!

I hate bowling in real life, but its so much fun in that game.

we also did end up buying one. I often will play a prospect in a game i know they are good at, just to watch them squirm trying to not beat me.

What if a prospect did beat you?

another month of prospecting for every point they beat me by!

Sore loser?

damn right i am.

I ride a Cam-Am Spyder and torrent movies. Do I qualify for a diamond patch?

woah…..no i think you are a little too outlaw for even us.

You and some other time 1% ers are at a stop light. Do I pull up next to you or stay the fuck away. Never know what to do in those situations as a fellow biker?

pull up behind them.

I have a fast bike. I like going fast. I most definitely will pass you. How do I not get shot passing you?

just pass us, aint shit going to happen.

Did you happen to know any of the bikers involved in the Waco shoot out?

I probably do, though I cant say for sure. I have met with a good bit of the bandits in that area, and even a few of the cossacks. So i’m sure i know atleast a few.

Why we’re so many people from different gangs meeting? I thought the days of dangerous motorcycle gangs were long gone.

the cossacks were at the bike night as a show of force saying, we can do what we want, after the bandits told them to stop coming. the bandits then decided to make a show of force themselves.

No disrespect intended, but it was a CoC meeting rather than a bike night event.

oh was it?

man….guess they dont respect the coc hallowed ground rule over there.

What is coc?

confederacy of clubs. its a group set up to help organize and be a go between for all the clubs in an area.

Do you sympathize more with the Bandidos trying to maintain their top position in TX or the Cossacks saying they can do what they want without asking permission? It seems strange to talk about freedom and rebellion and then subjugate yourself to whatever club says they run things in the area.

i’m biased, but i always respect smaller clubs for standing up to the giants.

What’s your thoughts about the Hells Angels? Compared to other clubs, do they act and feel superior? Are they respected in the MC world?

my club and the 81s have always been friendly, so i am a bit biased i guess.

they consider themselves the rock stars of our world though, and a lot of people dont like that.

Does the fact that the Hells Angels are so well known mean that they are full on federal informants?

you went down a real deep rabbit hole there lol

Do you consider yourself a good person? If not, why isn’t it important for you to be one? If so, what do you think a good person is?

eh, i can do good things. But i have done things in my life that others wouldnt think are so good. I care for my family and loved ones and make sure they are taken care of. thats all i care about.

How realistic is a show like Sons of Anarchy?

its the 70s era of clubs set in modern times.

What’s the process of joining a club?

come around, hang around, prospect, patch.

What is the difference between come around and a hang around?

come around is someone who has just shown up and is coming around the club with no real intent to join, or have not declared intent. Hang around is someone who is showing intent that they want to join.

Have you ever been hassled by law enforcement because of your affiliation with biker clubs?

I have. I get pulled over almost every week atleast once or twice because of the patch i wear. The amount of drinks people buy for me anytime i set food in a bar makes up for it though.

What would happen if I taped a “1%er” patch to my shirt and rode my motorcycle next to a biker club or gang?

they would see if you could defend that 1%er patch.

How vigorous of a defense are you expected to mount? Would you have to resort to lethal force to dissuade them or simply dole out some ass whippings?

not lethal, but i would get a few of my guys to take it from you.

How many asses would they have to kick to keep it?

everyone for the rest of your life that tries to take it.

What’s your stance on whales?

I think we as a society need to do more to protect them.

What are your thoughts on the recent shootings in Waco? Have you any heard of any behavior amongst bikers like that before?

Absolutely have. We handle most every interaction with people we dont like with violence.

Other than violence, what do you do to handle people? Vicious name calling?

sternly written letters.

I read an article about 1%ers one time that stated that most 1%ers are the way they are because of a low education. The low education comes in because they were bullied and dropped out of educational learnings, if you will. Thus making them hurt and the “bad assness” comes from childhood pain.

pretty accurate article.

This is maybe the 3rd or 4th time i’ve read a response from you where someone tries saying something in a snarky insulting tone and you’re just like “yeah you’re pretty much correct with what you said.” and then they’re all “…oh.”

mostly because i’m not here to argue or have some sort of agenda. I’m here to answer questions because you guys want to ask them.

I dont want you guys to have some bullshit view of a culture i love.

How hard is it to steer a bike and / or ride for long periods of time, with those crazy ape hangers? They look super uncomfortable.

i might be biased because i use them. But i find them way more comforatble for long distance travel.

Your arms/hands don’t fall asleep? And ty, I’ve always wondered about them, but never knew any bikers.

i find that they fall sleep easier when they are below my shoulders. you tend to lean on your hands more when they are lower.

Why did the Occupy Wall-street movement have such a problem with your club?

hahaha, i called up a guy in my club asking him if our club had any bouts with that occupy movement people.

I just realized what you did and i feel dumb.

I ride a 50cc scooter around sometimes… What are your thoughts on a guy like me?

i dont really have thoughts. Just keep enjoying being you.

Fellow scooter rider here. I will add that getting the “motorcycle wave” from a biker is a lot like getting a wave from a player at a professional sports game.

hahaha, this is great.

Do you guys have an enforced code of conduct;and do you mess with people minding their business?

we do. And if you are minding your business we will mind ours.

What exactly does 1%er mean? I don’t care at all for watching the news so I have no fucking clue what’s going on. I’ve always wondered how bikers survive financially, how is that? Of course, don’t divulge any information that could get you screwed by Johnny law.

not all bikers are outlaws, only 1% are outlaws.

We are that 1%

So, drug dealing and prostitution? What rackets does your gang profit from?

mostly that. insurance too.

Is underage prostitution as much of an issue as the press makes out? How does your gang respond to incidences it comes across?

i dont allow it in my chapter, and its not allowed in our club.

Do you get a discount at the Harley dealership for being so mother fucking biker?

I’m actually pretty sure i get charged more.

So I sort of get the 1%er stuff, but are there members that have regular jobs, and just go to gatherings and such for fun? Or are they not usually part of a club or “gang”? Also, favorite model of Harley?

not a model, but i love the 90s evo motors they put in the sportsters, you cant break them. Most solid motor they have made.

At the end of the day we are just frats for people who enjoy motorcycles.

If someone got into a fight with one of your members and kicked their ass. Would there be retaliation or respect? Not another biker, just some average joe at a bar.

depends on the context of the fight. if it was a legit one on one. respect. If the one guy was being a cunt and started it, he would get jumped.

Does your club have to answer to a larger club? If so, in what ways?

no mine does not. We are a 1% club, 1% clubs are at the top of the totem poles for our areas.

So how do you/did you feel about family members joining a club? Would you embrace your grandson joining or suggest he try a “normal” life?

my daughter is a lawyer. having to pretend to tutor and help a girl that was smarter than you by the time she was 6 really gets you going.

I’m a cop in an area with a heavy amount of street gang activity. We have prostitution rings, hard drug trafficking, and frequent violent crimes. Its gotten to the point where the high school is one of the more dangerous places to be, as so many of the kids are recruited at a young age. It’s not uncommon to see gang tattoos on 16 year olds in my town. We also have a very small biker gang presence, like 2 patched members and 3 prospects of a 1%er gang. (honestly not sure which one, I’m told they are affiliated with the hells angels) Our gang unit seems to be focusing most of their efforts on countering the biker gang problem, and very little effort on the extremely large street gang problem by comparison. Sure, they ID street gang members and keep a database of them, but most of their time is spent on recon for the biker club. I’m a financial and fraud crimes detective, who sometimes works cybercrimes, so my experience with street level crimes is limited, however even in my two years on patrol, and year in property crimes investigations, most of our problems stemmed from the street gangs. I literally didn’t even know we had a 1%er gang in the area until recently. My question to you, is are they right to devote so much energy to the biker gang? What is it you guys do that concerns us so much? I’m not asking you to incriminate yourself, I just want to know why there is so much effort put into such a seemingly small group of people, and a look from the other perspective would be interesting.

its easier to get rid of a biker club. We are not as ingrained into the society and streets as the street gangs are. You would have to eradicate the entire way of living in the ghettos to get rid of street gangs.

Your website is down. How can a respectable 1%er MC not have a fully functioning website. What if someone wanted to sign the guestbook or see flash animations of skeletons flipping people off?

we have a website!?

How does one become a 1% member?

by putting on a 1% patch and beating the shit out of anyone that tells you, you cant wear it.

What’s the initiation like?

a lot of manual labor and just showing the club why they want you as a brother.

What’s your biker activity like, what do you do, who do you meet, what are you ‘responsibilities’ and so on?

its a lot more hanging out and drinking than you would think.

What crimes have you committed, and if you did get caught, how much time did you serve?

I have served about 20 years of my life off and on in prison. for crimes that range the scale.

What do you think of the US prisons and the system?

For profit prisons are bullshit all they do is harden the criminals and make them better at what they do.

Any advice on dealing with gangs/bikers/police officers in case someone crosses the path?

respect, everyone just wants that, no matter what.

Can you leave a biker gang?

yes you can.

Can you just simply leave? Or is there a process?

usually a process. Most outlaw clubs require you to sign your bike over to the club when you prospect. when you leave the club owns your bike.

How can an outlaw club, especially ones that get big enough to be international (HA, Bandidos, etc), operate criminal or even legitimate business while basically advertising to the world at all times that they are a criminal organization?

pay attention to my left hand. and i can do whatever i want with my right.

What do you think about the Victory and Indian motorcycles?

I like the way the new indians look, a brother of mine just got one and it rides real smooth.

I’d like to know what your opinion on human trafficking, forced prostitution etc is like. I live in Germany, so it could be different in America, but here, the Hell’s Angels are at the forefront of human trafficking and forcing people into prostitution. Do you think that’s still completely okay because you’re “outlaws” or do you think there are still some lines you shouldn’t fucking cross just because you’d like to be badass?

some lines shouldnt be crossed, plenty of ways to make money.

Why and when did you decide you wanted to be a mc?

the day i realized i would never be an astronaught.

Have you or anyone in your club killed anyone?

no officer. not at all.

Hypothetically, if you or someone in your club had murdered someone, is there ever anything that made you regret it or keep you up at night?

i’m going to give you a straight answer and say no. It gets easier the more you do it, and i served during a war.

Why do you guys take all the money? The rest of us normal Joes have to earn a living too ya know. Freakin 1%ers

i have to afford my monocle and top hat!

How real is the show “The Devil’s Ride”? Those guys seemed like a bunch of tools.

about as “real” as the real housewives.

All I’m picturing right now in a MC clubhouse with the real housewives on a big screen with the entire club gathered around watching religiously.

wont even lie man… probably 8 of us sitting in our clubhouse with one of the newer guys old ladies sitting with us, she changed the channel to the real house wives and was watching it while we were just chatting and bullshitting around.

about 3 episodes in, we realized that we were all now watching and not really talking about anything other then trying to figure out what was going on in the show..

not the proudest moment of my life.

If 10 bikers from a MC club were riding and some asshole in a car caused a biker to crash – what would be the number of bikers who stopped to help their friend vs the number of bikers who chased down the asshole and beat his ass?

thats like asking, what does a vegan crossfitter talk about first….

Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve seen on the road that most people wouldn’t have heard of?

hard to answer, but anything int he mountains with a lake.

I knew a guy in Seattle when I was younger that got his jaw broken by a biker with a 1%er patch after the guy I knew asked he biker if he was a real 1%er. Is this protocol for 1%er guys?

I mean…did it answer his question? because i feel that it answered his question.

I ride a super-sport. Would you reciprocate my biker wave?

i sure would. I cant stand people that dont!

How does family work outfor you and for your wife and kids? Do people make problems for them because you are a biker (1%er)?

actually, i’m pretty sure they dont get a ton of problems BECAUSE i am one.

Do you find people are always afraid of you or trying to be overly nice simply because your a gang member?

I do notice this, and i use it to my advantage.

What music do you or others of your gang typically enjoy?

our club listens to a varied degree of music.

What outside of being in the gang are you passionate about?

I have started learning about gardening and got really into that. I feel working with the dirt and being outdoors has helped my health somewhat. Also fresh vegetables!

Are any people in your group into conspiracy theories? If so, what’s the dumbest one you’ve heard from them?

Oh my fucking god the tin foil hats some of my brothers have! Obama wants our guns! He is going to come take them!

Serious female daily rider here. What do you think the current attitudes towards female riders is amongst 1% members? How (if at all) has it changed over the years?

A lot of club members dont take you guys seriously. I think it has changed a little, but honestly not quickly enough.

Have you ever laid down your bike in front of your club members? Have you seen any prospects lay theirs down? What are member and prospect reactions to that happening?

run up and help.

Do members have full time jobs outside of the club? How does prospecting work if you’re on call 24/7 but have to work also?

during prospecting, your job comes before the club.

Do you think what you do is wrong or do you believe what you do is simply your way of living? Also, I heard about a group of bikers that went and helped kids that wrote to them when they were in bad situations, and that there was a group that blocked out the Westboro Baptist Church at funerals. Do those groups exist? And if they do, what do you think of them?

BACA, bikers against child abuse is a real group. Also i have on more then one occasions gone to block the west boro nuts from funerals.

My friend went to go moon a biker when he was riding by us and I stopped him right as he started to pull down his pants. When the biker passed, he had a Bandidos patch on. Do you think he would have hurt us for that?

depends on the person. if it was me, i’d probably just shake my head and laugh at boys being boys. We have hot headed guys who would take it a bit further though.

How can I become a 1%er?

by killing rival clubs at a twin peaks.

Is it true that homosexual behavior is rampant in these biker gangs? If so, is it hard to keep up your badass image while kissing other dudes?

Nah, its still pretty easy.

For real with his question though (if you don’t mind of course). Only because I remember reading about bikers, especially Hell’s Angels, making out with each other when the media were around as a “guaranteed square joke”.

yeah, thats back when anything like that was shocking and disgusting.

now gay is the new nerd.

Do you think any other members of your club would disapprove of you answering all these questions? Is it frowned upon to talk about your secret club…activities…publicly?

nothing i have spoken about is a secret. You guys dont get to know the super secret decoder ring secrets.

Any prior service active duty guys in the club? I’ve had guys joke that when they get out they’re going to “go outlaw” but they’re probably full of shit

the vast majority of people in outlaw clubs have served.

What is your plan for retirement?

I’m already retired!

Why do guys wear a 1% patch if its pretty much advertising to cops that you probably are involved in something illegal?

because we are proud of how stupid we are!

How do Biker gangs handle competing with local gangs for drug turf?

with violence.

On a scale of one to Mel Gibson, how drunk are you at this moment in time?

level charlie sheen

If your club wanted to go to a bike rally or other event, do you have to let the dominant club in area know ahead of time, or does everyone just respect the patch? When a member goes to prison, does the club put money on your books and help your family out while you’re down?

sometimes we do let them know, sometimes we dont. Depends on our relationship with them. If they make it a habit of contacting us, we are usually good about returning the favors.

and yes we do.

How does a club become a 1% ? Do you guys just decide one day to sew it on? Is it earned in some way with another outlaw club validating it?

you put it on your cuts and then beat the fuck out of anyone who tells you that you cant have it.

How do you feel about the Hells Angels doing security at that Stones show?

we have done security at shows too

went just as bad.

Have you ever beat anyone down or done any harm to them just for looking at you… Or just no reason at all?

no i havent.

I saw you reply the Sons of Anarchy is the 70’s biker culture set in modern times; what are the biggest changes in the culture in the last 30-40 years?

the fact that every single person is carrying a camera.

What’s your take on sport bikes?

my opinion differs than most of my brothers. I view a crotch rocket as like a sports car and a harley as a muscle car. Just two different views of the same thing.

Why is your patch gold, most of the 1% patches I’ve seen are red. Is there a distinction?

it all depends on what your club colors are.

What made you want to get into a club such as this?

the quality of women i saw them always hanging around is one of the reasons.

Are tattoos required to join an MC? I would totally be into the MC culture but I hate tattoos.

not at all. just the type that are attracted to this lifestyle usually have them.

Have you cried when Mufasa died?

my fucking sgt at arms was BALLING when we were watching this scene with one of kids… He never saw it before and his kids and my grand kids were having a play date…. this was last month too……

I dont know if i’m more ashamed that he has never seen the movie or that he was in tears when mufasa died….

talk about fucking issues, no wonder he chose this life style.

How did you get introduced to Reddit?

an old prospect, now brother got me to do my first AMA. he did the reddit thing.

My impression is that this situation has been escalating for a while. From what I’ve heard, if the cops hadn’t started shooting it was supposed to have just been a big old fuck-off argument-settling chain and pipe brawl with few, if any, fatalities. Does that sound right to you, or would you guess that the situation was already to the point where guns were going to come out either way?

Guns are often pulled out regardless, almost everyone carries them, but it just takes one guy to set it off.

How often do club members leave or get there patches pulled and for what?

not often, we tend to understand we are in this for life. It takes a lot to kick someone out. Like stealing from the club or killing another member.

What did you have to do to get in the club?

I had to give up my life and replace it with my club

What were your prospect duties and how long did a member have to prospect for?

pretty much do everything i could to make my patch holders life easier. and one year minimum.

Im sure plenty of guys go down hard or harleys break and money is an issue, how long do you allow a member to not have a bike? What are the consequences? Are there members of the club that cant ride for a long time and are still allowed in?

its different for most clubs, But usually a club will give you about 6 months to get your bike up and running, but you dont get to vote after the first month of no bike.

Do you get off on the raw fear of others?

not really, but i cant lie and say i dont use it to my advantage.

Is the world a better place because you were here?

I like to think so. if not for anything else other than you had this question answered.

You make the claim that LEOs were the first to discharge firearms during the CoC event at Twin Peaks. Regardless of who shot first, do you foresee a change in MC rules of engagement when it comes to large scale fights with each other?

not really no, as much as people think this is not the norm and the fear mongering has started. This is actually pretty normal. I’m sure both sides will reel in their members and let it dry out before restarting, but this is a decades long fued.

Do MCs ever conduct operations outside of the United States? If so, do they take their bikes?

yes they do, and no they dont. Do you take your car when going on vacation?

Do you see MCs as a positive force in any way to American culture? If so, what good is produced by MCs?

we are apart of american history.

How do MCs feel about the military, fire fighters, federal employees, and other non-LE public servants of various levels/types?

nothing against them, we only hold ill will to those who hold ill will to us.

Do you mean to be charmingly disarming at those who have directly criticized you in this thread, or is it natural? Do MCs have their own PR charm schools?

no, i just know that the people asking those questions, or trying to be hard asses would never even dream of doing it in person. So i dont get offended.

Where did you (and the majority of MC members) learn to fight? Have you had any marital/combat/tactical training, or is it mostly just improvised?

I served, so learned to fight in the military. Also I learned to fight by fighting…a lot.