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IamA 500lb. Rapper and waning Sex Symbol, /u/billythefridge – AMA!

My short bio: I’m a rapper and internet blob that most recently stormed reddit with my music video “Just A Bill”.

I also made a song for Reddit called “Cake Day” (originally released on my Cake Day).

I’ve also been found my way into some pretty “Dumb” moments, many of which are captured in this video here:

Here is my AMA request from earlier today:

My Proof:

How successful have you been in your music career?

I’ve opened for some pretty cool artists. I’ve performed in some really cool venues. I’m met some really cool people. It’d be really cool if I could buy a donut truck with my rap money though.

I’ve listened to Old Fashioned a fair bit, so I am curious – when can we expect the next album? Any word on features? Ever dreamed you had a giant twin named Billy The Bridge?

I dreamed I had an opposite twin named Filly the Bridge. I’m worried he’d take me in a fight. Have you heard the new EP “Hollywoodland”? It’s got very little features on it… hopefully I can pick up a few interesting features for the next release. Maybe Action Bronson and I could collab on a buffet or something.

Is your song Seattle love story about your cousin overdosing or about him being murdered? Sorry if this is too personal. Song:

It’s about him overdosing. The story itself is told with two different meanings. Each line is supposed to work two ways. The girl is always heroin… even when you see her as a girl.

I feel the same with you as I do with Jonwayne and UK rappers like Jehst, Mystro and Dirty Dike. If you had the image and the accent the scene is looking for you’d be top tier right now.

I think I need some serious focus and a real game plan right now. I basically just got the world’s biggest pat on the back from Reddit today. It’s humbling and motivating at the same time.

Do you make your own beats?

No, I worked with a lot of different Seattle beat makers. Some really good ones!!

Don’t you dare open those fucking cashews they’re like $18.

My friend opened the cashews out of spite once. Didn’t even eat them. Just wanted everyone to know he doesn’t give a fuck.

I heard you’ve been cutting some weight recently. If that’s true, congrats! How do you see this weight loss changing your rap persona?

Hopefully I can cement myself in the public eye before anything drastic happens so they can watch the transformation and make up their own scowling remarks about my hanging flabs like I’m officially one of Honey Boo Boo’s kin.

Worst sexual experience at a show?

I’ll count it as a show, I was live streaming to a website with a buddy of mine, named Joe. A homeless girl walks by our hotel window and asks if we’re partying. Of course we are. She comes in, we start to undress her and give her a body massage on camera. Things are getting heave so naturally I take off her shoes to rub her feet. The stench of her feet turns my stomach six ways from Sunday. I run to the bathroom and take about 8 giants shits, flushing 3 times during the process. It was a disaster. 45 minutes later, good ol’ Joe was still rubbing her back and she was ready to shower with us. We to the bathroom, she gets naked and a bell hop knocks on the door. Our billionaire acquaintance Alki David called the hotel and told them his 15 year old daughter was locked in our room. The bell hop sees a naked girl, good ol’ Joe takes him the the front desk to calm him down and I’m too dumbfounded from taking the monster shit to handle business in the shower with this pretty hot homeless girl that waved me in. Weird fuckin’ night.

Wow, Alki David. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Last I heard of him was the shenanigans with the Call of Duty Billionaire Challenge in 2011. I remember on a livestream when teams were being drafted he kept pulling out his arsenal of sex toys and making all the other people in the call uncomfortable. The event was a real shitshow too. Good times, good times.

He’s famous for shit shows. It’s hilarious because he usually has some fairly respected people at those shows… and they slowly realize they’ve been bamboozled.

Did you really have as much fun as you looked like you were having when you slid down those ramps at the skate park?

Yes! I had never tried it before. Worked perfectly!

You claimed that meeting Jake the Snake was a revolution and opened your eyes about your weight and your health. Are you still going down that road?

Yes, I am. I haven’t been hitting it as hard lately. Rice and potatoes seem to be cheaper and store longer than kale and quinoa, so I’m probably taking in more starch. I’m still on a decline. It’s just due for another kickstart I think.

When you performing next? just moved to seattle, and you seem like you’d be a killer act to see.

I know my next show is September 12th at Neumos, but I might be jumping on a show around PAX. I have to see. Welcome to Seattle!

I feel like you have a ton of talent, creativity, and humor… How do you take it to the next level?

This is a great question. I’ve tasted it… I’ve been on the cusp of spilling over, I know it, but for some reason I just have hit that tipping point yet. I think I need to run full force at… maybe go play in Hollywood for a couple months and just make the right people love me. I feel like I’m close!

Did you always wanted to be a rapper?

I actually always wanted to be a Professional Wrestler. After toying around with the idea and realizing Washington state was not the place to become one, and traveling to B.C. Canada to get some ring time in, and then traveling across the U.S. multiple times and finally working my last match in Las Vegas in 2011 (before teasing a couple of spots back in Seattle) I realized that music was a much more practical career move.

I also tried competitive eating for a moment in time.

What was your wrestling name?

Kingpin, sometimes Kingy for short. I had a big ol’ bowling pin patch on my chest. Miss those days!

How the fuck do you do so much dope shit with that donut chain around your neck? As a follow up: how does dunkaroo dust smell?

The donut is heavy! I just have to stay heavier… and the dunkaroo dust smells delicious… it just leaves a gross cookie drip in your nasal. Cookie boogs!

When you get rich and famous will you buy me a new gaming video card for my desktop?

Shit. Don’t tell anybody else, but probably.

How did you get involved with Alki David and how has his involvement impacted your life?

I stumbled up Alki David’s website after a man attempted to streak President Obama. I took to the website quick and became one of Alki’s pawns (for lack of better word). Had a lot of fun and met some really cool people in the process.

How has the weight loss been going for you?

The weight loss has been good. I think it’s kind of slowed over the past few months, I dropped about 100 lbs in the first year and I think I kind of leveled off. I need to get a little more strict with what I eat. It’s been tough. You want to eat healthy but sometimes it’s just cheaper fill up on rice and potatoes than keep fresh Kale and Quinoa stocked.

What got you into rap, and who’s your biggest influence?

My biggest influences are Tupac and Weird Al. I can maybe credit Pac slightly more than Al for the rap, but music in general they’re just as important.

And I got into rap by working in a recording studio. I started out making comedy skits, prank phone calls and parody songs and then dropped it all to do promotional work, but after a few years of that I got coerced into being a rapper by jumping in freestyle sessions and featuring on people’s songs. Even when I had my first ‘mixtape’ nearly recorded, I wasn’t really the type to tell people I rapped. A friend just kind of notified me that I had an album’s worth of songs together and I should really release them. That was pretty much it.

And if you’re asking me who got me into rap, as in listening to the genre, I just kind of liked that westcoast gangsta shit from Death Row and it built from there.

How do you write your raps? Just think of funny lines then string a beat through em?

Sometimes I have a line I want to build a verse around. Other times I have a beat that just needs t I be written to bar for bar. In rare occurrences I will have most of the song written loosely in my head and then it just kind of tumbles out when I find the right beat.

I don’t know how much you can disclose, but how was your career on battlecam and how was it?

For the most part, it was just me having fun. Every once in a while if get a serious paycheck, or a nice sum of cash for something I did, but it was usually just pranks and having fun.

It’s been roughly 8 years since you drove me around Seattle. If I were to go see Billy The Fridge today, what crazy adventures would we embark on?

No sports dick! You wouldn’t bump nub into a naked boy butt. There is no more Lusty Lady. We’d probably sip Chai tea and complain about the Sounders. Fk, the city has changed.

What’s the best meal that can be made with ground beef?

That’s tough… I want to say Stuffed Bell Peppers… but old me would want a Shepard’s Pie. #TryingNotToBeSoFatThings

What was your favorite wrestling related memory?

It was possibly the big hang outs with a ton of friends in Ohio for an entire weekend that included BBQs, Strip Club and sour of the moment surprise RKOs, including one to a guy on a running motorcycle. But there were really too many to count.

Do you like puppies?

Of course. I’m a total dog person. I like the tiny little scruff puppets and then I like them more when they grow into big old slobber pockets. And I also like puppies as the slang term for boobs, boobs are feckin’ cuuute.

Do you regret the stunt where you faked a seizure in a Starbucks? It’s literally the only thing I’ve associated with you for years until someone actually posted your rap.

Do I regret something I spent about 10 seconds preparing for and was over within a minute? Kind of. It was dumb. It was a challenge and I didn’t even do it well enough to get paid. It wasn’t a highlight. However, I doubt my video would have popped up on Reddit today if that fresh cringe wasn’t on many peoples minds. So maybe it all worked out. It sucks that some people only know me for that, when I’ve done a ton of other embarrassing and deplorable acts!!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I used to love Strawberry Cheesecake. Now it’s like coconut vanilla or something dairy free.

Ever considered coming back for one last wrestling show? From one fat guy to another, I’d love to see you wrestle not in J-Spyder music video form.

If I did, it’d after a good 6 months of training. I’m older now and haven’t really bumped regularly in 8 years. I totally miss it though. Wrestling was a true passion.

How old are you? What’s you’re favorite current or discontinued Dorito Flavour? If you want I can mail you a bag of Ketchup Doritos from here in Canada. Don’t think you guys have em.

I’m an 80’s baby. My absolute favorite Dorito flavor of all time is Smokey Cheddar BBQ. It was so good. I’m pretty sure that’s the one with Alli Landry and the “Smoke on the Water” song playing. If not, my whole life is flipped upside down. I probably shouldn’t have Ketchup Doritos, but damn… maybe I should. That sounds like science.

Favorite place you’ve performed so far?

I think the coolest place I’ve performed is the Whisky-A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA… classic venue. My favorite tho, is probably the Nectar Lounge on a Summer night with the sliding door/wall open so people can poor outside. It’s quite an ambiance.

From what I understand, it’s hard to get your name out there as a rapper. Have you been successful so far, or do you see yourself just starting to pick up speed as far as recognition and gigs go?

It’s been a slow process. I’ll hit little bursts that get me closer and closer to this idea of success, but there’s no real finish line. You just have to hold on to the good moments and be ready for the unexpected ones too. I’ve been pushing forward.

Oh boy O’Berto’s! Or Jack Link’s?

I was raised on O’Berto’s and a good one is good… but I’m a fan of Jack Links these days and they seem to have taken over. That being said, I guess they’re all full of sodium?!! Fk

How does it feel just being a Bill?

t feels right when I’m sitting on Capitol Hill.

Ever think of making a big guy super group with people like killa mo 187?

I’ve definitely thought of some big guy super groups… I did a fat-centric EP about 4 years ago with a comedic vibe to it, you can hear it here free:

I’m always up for working with the ill-rhyme chubster of the world. Might be doing some work with my fat friend Duranged Pitt… web search that guy, he’s a monster!

When will you be playing the Holiday Cube on Magic Online?

Lol, when they let me keep the cards. IT’S A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully with a steady stream of youtube music videos released, a couple more albums out. Touring internationally. Some comedic acting roles. Maybe a 5’3″ wife struggling to push out a gigantic baby beluga Billy Jr. ready to play tackle football out the womb.

Whatever happened with Jake the Snake?

He gave me some great tips and then life kind of happened. He went thru cancer and other rocky spells and I haven’t talked to him in quite some time.

Where have you gotten most of your inspiration? When do you think you will blow up and what will you do when it happens?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Not just music. It comes from Comedy… I’ve seen Tim and Eric live many times and their show inspires me. I think I’m really inspired by Andy Kaufman even though I never saw him life. I’m inspired by Bob Dylan or the Beatles. Somebody whose lyrics move the mountains of human emotion. Green Jelly is an inspiration. The story telling. The comedy. Fuckin’ Andy Milonakis is the God Emcee to me today.

Who are your favorite performers and what inspired you to start rapping?

I grew up on Tupac and Weird Al, and Bone Thugs and Snoop and Dre, but then artists like Outkast and the Dungeon Family had some influence and honestly, before I was really into rap I was into Sir Mix-A-Lot, he was just Seattle music. Come to think of it, Mix’s Buttermilk Biscuits pretty much embodies my inspiration.

What’s your favorite movie?

Mean Girls! It’s way better than it had any right being. I tend to like Teen Movies way too much. Breakfast Club and Not Another Teen Movie are also classics.

Other than that, probably Man on the Moon with Jim Carrey.

When are you going on tour?

I think the earliest would probably be fall. If I could get hooked up with more proven touring act as an opener, that would be ideal. Need to fill out my fan base in a lot of cities to make sure the shows crack!!

Hi besides Internet stuff, what do you enjoy in your free time?

I like to watch TV shows on Netflix in a marathon mode until I’ve lost like two or three days of time. Is that hibernation? I write stuff. Call a creative friend and try and figure out why some idea I’ve got fkn suck

What inspired you to take up a musical career?

I always wanted to be an entertainer. At first, I was pretty much sure I’d be a Professional Wrestler. I started doing promo work with a recording studio and I was surrounded by talented people. I picked up a lot without really trying, I imagine how a child would learn a language. I was always a writer, I liked to write poems, but this is where I got my rhythm and flow. And it built over the years and I honed it with other talented people and it changed and adapted and I’m interested in seeing where I go next.

Any inside knowledge as to when Dyme Def will be performing together again? I saw something where Brain said it might be a possibility soon.

I saw that he said they’re back together… pretty sure that means new music and I’d imagine some big shows. They go hard together. Grew up doing music together and found their own styles on their own too. Whatever they do will be ill!!

Donuts or gonutz?

I’m not even sure what a gonutz is, but I quite eating donuts a year and a half ago. Now I just wear them cute mufuckas.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?

Craziest thing I’ve ever done? That’s a tough one. Maybe break up a pit bull fight with my bare hands. I don’t know. I’m usually calculated with my risks.

Craziest thing ever seen? I was at a crosswalk and a squirrel ran thru traffic. It was like 6 busy lanes of traffic. He dodged car after car, staring death in the face time and again. The little guy mad it! I cheered!! Then an SUV up the hill that nearly killed it LOST its rear tire. The whole tire rolled down the hill and perfectly squashed and killed this poor squirrel. It was amazingly tragic.

Loved the videos I saw earlier in the day. I have no doubt you’ll be successful. What kind of car are you gonna buy when you make it big?

Ok… I need an 80’s Cadillac. I’ll try and pretty it up some, but it’s supposed be dirty.

But I also need a Donut truck that doubles as a merch booth so I can sell the people anything and everything they’d ever want when I was on tour.

But also a fkn Hybrid something or other so I’m not wasting money on gast when commuting. I drove a 3-cylinder Geo Metro at one point and it was amazing paying $12 to drive to Canada and back.

My peak weight was 458lbs, so hopefully I don’t sound condescending. Do you ever fear you’re going to suffer the consequences of your lifestyle? I ask only because you seem very comfortable with the way you look. I used my weight as an advantage in a way with the thinking “if I just it out there, you can’t use it against me”. I embraced that mindset for a long time. But deep down I was sad and angry and envious of others.

I am not sad nor envious nor angry. I’ve always been comfortable. Every once in a while I break a chair or something and that sucks. Or I just can’t fit some where and that’s too bad. I’m sure a lot of people look at me and see death, or what ever and that’s too bad.

The only thing I fear is not getting my self out into the world to be seen and heard. There’s an expiration date on what I’m trying to do and it should be far before I see a termination date. I’m trying to live out this dream.

Billy, I saw you in Everett (Tony V’s) when Mega Ran came to town and loved it. You’ve tweeted me a few times about shows, but where is the best place to keep up with upcoming shows?

I need to get a nice show calendar set up. I had a new website worked out for a while and it kind of fell thru. That’s something I’ll be working to correct soon. I wish I had a great answer for you here. Maybe there’s an App or something I can set up.

I remember playing out of town and the next day handful of people from that city will ask me when I’m playing their city again. It sucks… they JUST missed it!

I’m pretty sure the music is on the Play Store. Last I checked it was. I know it’s on quite a few digital platforms. Thank you for the support!!

Are there any artists you would like to collab with?

Jack Black, Yolandi Vi$$er, Action Bronson, Odd Future, Nicki Minaj

If I meet you at a pub, what drink should I order for you?

Bourbon, Jameson, Cider, anything. At all. With alcohol in it.

What made you start wearing the doughnut around your neck? And what ever happened to Ronald McFondle?

I had won the fake donut and just decided it’d make a nice chain piece. And I think I’ll be doing something for with Mcfondle next month with Mac Sabbath at El Corazon. Not sure

Why do you maintain this weight ? Thought about the whole fat acceptance movement?

I’ve actually lost 100 lbs since my last AMA. I plan on dropping a few more pounds. It’s just easier to travel when you’re able to fit in seats. I think accepting human beings as they are and not forcing them to feel like shit about themselves is important.

Recommandations about another entertainer/internet blob you like?

One of my favorite entertainer/internet blobs is Boogie2988 aka Francis. I like Boogie’s attitude on life and I love that he’s able to be a positive force in people’s lives, while still being open about the darkness in his past. Kudos to him for being an open book to a crowd that likes to tare out pages.

Career prospects/choices ? Enjoying the silliness and intending to keep it there, or other projects post-5mn-internet-fame?

I’ve been in talks to do some TV/Film work. I think a move to Los Angeles would be fruitful. I’ve got a strong base down there already. I’d like to start hitting the comedy clubs there every night and if all else fails, I’ll become a sex worker for fat boy fetishists.

I have watched a few of your magic streams, do you play anything else? If so what and when? Also when are you going to make some more music? Ive been a fan for a while, just a bill and workaholic always make it in my spotify playlists.

I’m currently figure out a different set up so I can play other games. Magic is a familiar and easy set up. New music and videos are I the works!

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Ummm… Hawaiin? I’m really not picky. Pineapple/Ham alone are not my faves… alone maybe it would just be Chicken? I like that as a topping… actually, fk it. Extra cheese. Lil Kid!!

What are your plans for the future? Short term/long term?

I want to find a producer to collaborate with that might want to craft a bigger project with me. I want to make some comedic/viral type songs for YouTube just to laugh at. I want to make a couple more songs that invoke a more dramatic emotion if possible.

And I’m hoping to spend some time in Hollywood soon and crash auditions and piss my way onto the set of a big budget flick as Ben Affleck’s fat friend (almost almost could have happened!!).

What was your path/steps to getting yourself out there as a rapper. I’ve been making music for a while now in the form of production but i’m wondering how to transition from there?

I took my time. Watched others make mistakes and learned while they learned. I was lucky enough to spend hours upon hours in a studio environment just kind of soaking up knowledge. I would suggest finding people you look up to talent wise and doing what you can to stick around them.

What is your favorite album? Are you coming to California soon?

I just came back from California last week! LA. I need to go back asap. I think my favorite album is 2Pac All Eyes On Me, it’s a double disc, I hope that counts.

I first saw you on battle cams, did that effect your popularity?

It helped me in some ways. Even the bad stuff got people talking. It was a stage for me to perform and I had some great moments there. Met some life long friends.

If you had to make an educated guess, just how many people have actually put your donut in their mouth?

Fuck. I want to say under 100, because I try and keep it out of most people’s mouths… but yeah, it’s Old Fashioned so it don’t kiss and tell!

What’s the most difficult part about being super morbidly obese?

Probably when a girl is set on missionary position.

How do I make myself better at flowing?

Practice rapping to a song you like with a distinctive flow. Once you have the lyrics down, rewrite them, but keep the flow. Then practice your own shit to that flow. Then continue doing that with other songs you like.

When was the last time you ate a bag of Dick’s?

I really like System of a Down. I really like Alt-J. I really like Aqua. I really like classic rock… I was raised on it. Couldn’t name most of the artists that did the songs because I was listening to my daddy’s radio and that had no CD Inserts or Info buttons. I like all types of music. I like Jazz. I like a little bit of country…. not a lot. It’s all good at times.

Do you have any advice for someone that is battling heroin addiction?

Fuck. I really don’t. Find something you can sink your life into… a hobby… something you’re passionate about… and then stay strong. I really don’t know. It’s in you. It’s definitely in you to stop. But only in you. You can’t let the rest of the world be an excuse.

Is being big a choice or just your genetics. And then if it is a choice, do you feel obligated now that it’s your career?

I mean, it’s genetics to a point. I’m 6’3″ with broad shoulders and a monster frame. My old world genetics were used to all of the processed foods. I was over eating garbage and at the same time starving myself of essential nutrients. I was OVER EATING and STARVING at the same time. It fucks with your body. The changes I’ve made should keep my weight declining and due to my genetics, I will always be big, even if I’m not monster blob fat.

Why are there no torrents of your music?

Hopefully I’ll be famous enough soon that will change.

You’re the guy that faked the seizure in Starbucks right? If so, how did that end for you? It was a cringey meme.

For me, it ended a minute after it started. For the internet, it will be a ghost. It’s kind of awesome in hindsight. Every time it comes up, somebody talks about my music and then more people become fans. I doubt I’d have hit 1,000,000 views on Just A Bill tonight without it!

Was 50 cent’s Baltimore Love Thing, where he metaphorically takes on the persona of heroin, an influence for the writing style/song title of Seattle love Story?

It definitely existed in my mind space, but so did other songs that took upon dual meanings… just like Pac’s Me and My Girlfriend or Common’s I Used to Love H.E.R. did.

Have you ever considered losing weight for the sake of your health or the respect of those around you?

Of course I have. I’ve probably replied a dozen times today that I’ve lost 100 lbs and people should start kissing my ass for doing so well!

I just wanted to say you’ve been answering questions for 11 hours now, is there some sort of record for this and are you trying to break it?

I was just excited… what’s crazy is this all stemmed from my music video making front page last night! Instead of sleeping I was up all night replying to people there. Then everyone said do an AMA and after a short break I went right into this AMA. I figured people would be bored of me by now! I’m going on hour 43 of no sleep now and it’s really starting to kick in. I almost passed out. But I’m haivng so much fun!!! It’s exciting to see so many new people into the music.

Do you wash yourself with a rag on a stick?

You don’t want to know what I do with that rag on a stick.

Hi Billy, why do you pretend to be happy?

I don’t have to pretend. I was blessed with a big beautiful mind and I’ve honed my sense of humor to work well in social situations. I can summon positives vibes and impose my will onto others if absolutely necessary due to my size and strength. I’ve made nice with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I’m quick to deal with some of the worst. I’ve seen try sadness and sorrow and despair and I’ve survived. Happyness is a choice and I’m far from run out of choices.

So… why can’t you be okay with me being happy?

How uncomfortable does it physically feel to be that fat? Like… it can’t FEEL good.

I’m totally used to it. When a girl lays on your chest and she’s snuggled up like your a sexy fucking pillow, it’s not so bad.

Why do you choose to stay obese? Do you sacrifice your health for your career or you have other reasoning?

I was over 300 lbs before I was a teenager. I unfortunately found a way to love myself despite being over weight. It wasn’t until recently that I felt I should change. I’ve lost 100 lbs in the last 1.5 years. I plan on losing more. I just live my life.

Can you tell me some stories of other Seattle rappers you’ve met over the years?

I’ll give you one pretty ridiculous story. About a year before Macklemore really started to blow up nationwide, he and I were in a screening of a local documentary called Weedle’s Groove (great Seattle music film). It was being hosted that night by Sir Mix A Lot, who did a Q&A after the film. I don’t think Mix knew Macklemore yet, Macklemore raised his hand and asked what I’m still not sure was a serious question about song structure and how to make a hit song. Mix A Lot answers in a blowing smoke kind of way the night goes on. It was crazy to see somebody who was about to blow the roof of of Seattle’s rap scene asking such pedantic questions about making hits to the last person to blow the roof of of Seattle’s rap scene.

It reminded me of this:

Where’s your favorite place you have traveled? I grew up all over Wa and you remind me of how chill it was there, got me homesick. Hope you can keep it up bro. Mad love outta Hi.

I’ve been all over Washington too and we’ve just about got it all here. Wonderful land. A surprising second place to me might be Rhode Island. It’s very chill and there’s some interesting cuisine and cultures out there. I need to make it back that way. Of course, NYC, Los Angeles and Miami all have their own charms and are over due for a visit too (even though I just got back from LA last week).