devon werkheiser

I am Devon Werkheiser, I played Ned in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. I’m still alive. I make movies and music. AMA!

My short bio: 24 years old. Actor/Musician My second EP HERE AND NOW was released today. I was Ned in Ned’s Declassified on Nickelodeon and have been an actor for 15 years.

My Proof:

What piece of advice from your survival guide helped you survive school the most?

I was weird about pooping in public toilets, so saying you have a stomach ache to use the private nurses restroom was a clutch tip.

Are you gonna make a college edition?

People ask that all the time. I don’t see that happening. Would be cool though.

Was it fun working on the show?

It was ridiculous fun. I mean you’ve seen the show. We had a blast. Every day at lunch we’d play halo or football or tag around the set. We had dodgeball tournaments. Had fresh chocolate chip cookies everyday after lunch. It was magical.

Do you still call Coconut Head by his name on the show? I hope you do

He still has the wig. It’s amazing. He prefers “Da Coco”, “Mr Coco”, or “Coco Loco”.

What song do you think someone new to your music should start with?

That’s a good question! I would say Pray from my first EP, I AM, and also Here and Now from my new EP of the same name. Both are available on Spotify and iTunes.

Do you and any of the other actors/actresses from Neds Declassified still hang out in anyway? If so what do you like to do? Does the show ever come up in conversation?

Yeah! So a lot of us are still in contact and/or hangout. Kyle who played Bully Loomer is a good friend of mine, but he stopped acting and is in grad school in New Zealand for marine biology and underwater film making. Carlie who played Missy. Rob who played Coconut Head. Daniel who played Cookie. Lindsey who played Moze. We all still see each other around Los Angeles and a good walk down memory lane is always a possibility. We grew up on that set.

Do you still have the hots for Suzy Crabgrass?

Naw. But I do love The Walking Dead.

Will we ever see a return of our favorite vigilante in black, The Revenger?

He lives in my heart, always….

I follow you on Instagram and notice you have posted about attending Burning Man. Can you share your experiences on the playa?

SO much to say. I wrote a long post about it on my blog here…

How did you originally land the role for Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide?

Came to Los Angeles from Atlanta Georgia when I was twelve to audition for the producers.

Devon, would you say the series finale to Ned’s is the most underrated finale of all time? (Note: This may or may not be my sneaky way of telling you it’s the most underrated series finale of all time).

haha. definitely. of all time. Should have won an Emmy. I’m pissed.

What does Coconut Head smell like?

Chicken strangely enough.

Have you ever met Drake & Josh?

Of course. Love those dudes. Drake has still been making great music.

What is the actual most valuable tip you could give for surviving your school-age years?

Be weird and make friends with the people who like you for it.

Did the weasel ever get caught?

The weasel will never be caught. Ever. And it was a ferret actually, but shhhh.

What is the best piece of advice you can share with all the other young adults out there? Navigating some aspects of early adulthood (like “finding happiness” or the definition of “success”) can be quite difficult.

Learn to love yourself. Learn to be okay with being on your own. Read books not just to entertain yourself, but to learn about yourself. Spend time in nature. And learn what YOU like, what makes YOUR heart move, what YOU truly desire, don’t worry about the crowd, don’t do things because other people do them, you have a unique life to express and once you accept that figure out how you want to express it and do it!

The inevitable question: Did you bang Suzie Crabgrass?

Naw. No banging of the susie. I was a virgin until way after filming Ned’s.

Who’s your favorite dbz character?

I used to obsess over that show! And then get pissed when the episodes would end and make me wait a week to find out if Goku ever used the Spirit Bomb. I was a fan of Super Saiyan Gohan. And Piccolo was my dude.

What was your favorite episode? Also, I’d like to know what made you want to pursue a career in music?

The final episode. The FIELD TRIP still stands out as one of my favorites. It was such a beautiful time finishing the series that we had been making for 3 years. Ned and Moze getting together. Being the wild boy. It was a great end to something that we all loved. As for music, I love writing songs. It helps me make sense of my feelings and express things I can’t always say with words, and after awhile I realized it was something that I wanted to share with the world.

Loved the declassified show. I started 6th grade as the first seasoned aired so you could say the guide helped me in some ways. Where’s the best place to get a burger in Atl?

I haven’t lived in Atlanta in a long time. And I’m a vegetarian now. But I hear the Varsity is pretty greasy and good, if you’re into that sort of thing. haha.

Will you do a sex scene in your upcoming movie Sundown?


Are you still friends with Moze and Cookie, sorry Lindsey and Daniel?

Yeah we all have love for each other. We don’t hangout a lot. But we have a bond that can’t be denied.

I have always wanted to see the original pilot with the different actor playing cookie. Do you or does anyone have a copy of it?

No I don’t know where that is.

I graduated from Penn State a few years ago, but I read an article that said you were involved in THON this past year. It is such a truly incredible experience. My question is: How did you get to be involved in THON? Also, Can you share some thoughts on your THON experience?

My parents met at Penn State and I have been visiting there for football games since I was a baby. A few years ago, my Dad and some alumni out in Los Angeles started a mini THON, a six hour Dance Marathon that I have hosted the past four years!

I have gone to THON the last two years and last year I even got to sing for the BJC! It is like no other event I’ve been to. It might be more high energy than a Beyonce concert. So full of heart and community and team playing. It is a beautiful thing to experience.

I know this is random, but how did you end up making this video with Shane Dawson. Did you guys end up making the video you talked about?

We never did. We really wanted to and both of us ended up being too busy. I’d be open to making it work.

If you had to choose between making music and acting, which one would you choose?

I couldn’t choose! They are both necessary to my life.

What is in the NSFW portion of the survival guide?

Wear condoms. Don’t have sex with crazy. Don’t feel rushed to lose your virginity.

What was the first song you ever wrote?

I actually can’t remember.

What are your future plans for your acting career?

It’s interesting. As an actor, I can only plan for so much. However I do plan to act for the rest of my life. I plan on always being open to learning more and getting better at it. I plan to be a part of powerful movies. And begin writing and directing films as well.

Did the show actually film in a school? And what was inside the teachers lounge? Gordy also seems like the coolest janitor ever, was he a cool actor?

We filmed on a set that looked like a school. There were no ceilings above those hallways, except the warehouse ceilings wayyy up where we filmed. I don’t even think there was a real teachers lounge. haha. And Darran Norris who played Gordy was the greatest and funniest dude on set. He might have been a bigger kid than any of us on the show.

What’s it like working with Nickelodeon? Some Disney stars have said it’s very difficult to get out of their contracts/it’s really strict, so just curious how it was for Nick. Loved your show!!! Hope life is good!

It was a joy while I was on the show. Our show ended in three seasons so there was none of that wanting to get out of the contract stuff. I thought they could have promoted our show more compared to the other shows that got more attention. I also would have liked to have been used more by them, for the award shows and stuff like that. But all in all it was a great experience.

What are you doing career vise, filming movie or more music, for the rest of the year?

I am filming a movie called Fallen Angel right now. Later this year I hope one of my films that is being edited, called Sundown, will announce its release. I plan on writing a lot of new music, and start formulating plans for my next EP or full length album. Youtube videos. Blogs. And book my next acting gig. Something badass.

If you were stranded on an island with all of your coworkers from Ned’s Declassified, who would you eat first when starvation begins setting in?

Coconut head. He would be the easiest to catch. And fun.

Can you tell us a little bit about that movie you are/were shooting with Ryan Newman?

Yes it is called Fallen Angel and I sing some of my songs in it, and a woman stalks me, and things get crazy at Catholic School.

As for someone who is your age and can’t seem to find his way what would be the best way to find their passion like you seem to have found?

Try out different ways of GIVING. I think if you don’t have something that you know will fulfill you, see if you can focus on giving to others and see if you find passion in doing that! And take up some form of ART, CREATE and put yourself fully into it. See what type of art speaks to you. Where you like to express yourself and start there. All of us are artists. And not everyone is so clear about what they want to do, so take the pressure off of yourself.

How was the process of putting out something straight from your heart out to the world through music?

Here and Now are songs of empowerment and inspiration. It was all from the heart. And I am happy to be able to share it to the world. And I hope that those who listen feel something in their hearts.

Hey did you go to Northview for a bit? I just graduated from there and It would be cool to hear it from the man himself.

I used to live in Highgate right down Parson’s Road. Walking distance from Northview. I went for two weeks of freshman year before returning to Los Angeles to be homeschooled for the rest of high school.

Was it hard to transition from being the Disney kid to an adult?

I mean time kept moving and then one day I was an adult. But if I’m not being cheeky, it was a lot of work yes. Working my butt off in acting class to be ready for a long term career after being a child actor. I had to be ready to make it in the adult film world….that sounded wrong

What was your greatest hurdle after the show ended? Also do you think that you would be a musician if you never did the show? If not then do you have any idea where life would have taken you career wise?

The greatest hurdle was really becoming a serious actor. And accepting that a lot of producers didn’t care that I was on Ned’s, some actually held it against me, thinking I wasn’t capable of doing the serious stuff. I worked my ass off in acting class and with a couch to get better.

What inspires you to write your blogs and write such beautiful music?

Life! This journey we are all on! My heart! I write blogs about the world I see and I write songs about the deeper world that I feel. What an adventure we are living. I write with the intention of giving a perspective that allows you to grow, allows you to forgive, allows you to be empowered on your path.

You know that The Guide is still aired on Nickelodeon right? If you did re-watch one episode, how did you react to the old you?

It is pretty crazy being able to see the young me living life on screen. Just allows me to reminisce and marvel at how much time has gone by.

Can you make a life survival guide?

I think I’m living it right now. Check out my blog for a start. I hope to keep helping people.

Favourite song you’ve written no one has heard? Also could you write a list of all of the songs you’ve written?

These are the songs I currently play. However there are still older songs that aren’t on here.

Fallen Angel WORRY Crowns Geographer I am home Quiet night in the soul Another day Two Oceans Lessons from a fool Fire Shadow and Light Cannonball Stuck on the Ground She wants me dead Coming home Here and Now Collide My life Still burn Temple Angel of the Light Stronger Now What I Feel Dragons in the dark Take a Piece of Me Christine Believe Took a walk WOKE UP Lighthouse Pray Clarity Save me Where has my mind gone STand Up These Days light years california sun

I was wondering what you think your greatest accomplishment has been so far?

This is a big question. What did I work hard on that I am proud of? My greatest accomplishment has been discovering my self. Discovering my value not in the things I’ve done, but in who I AM. Who I choose to be. Developing a spiritual relationship to my life. This is something that will out last and bring me more meaning than any of the jobs or pieces of art that I create.

Which was the last song you listened to?

I’ve been listening to so many podcasts recently. Love me some Coldplay. Really love the new Alabama Shakes record. And Hiatus Kaiyote. And Tame Impala. And Jose Gonzalez.

What’s your sexuality? Are you single right now? I’m asking for.. a friend.

I am in a loving, committed, and beautiful relationship with my girlfriend.

What’s your religion? Are you an atheist?

I don’t subscribe to any particular religion. I am definitely not an atheist. I still don’t have a specific name I like to use for God, The Universe, The Eternal Awesomeness, but I definitely have a relationship with the part of me that is connected to everything. I find a lot of peace in learning about the spiritual nature of life.

I went to camp with you at high harbor on lake burton! Hi again! That’s really all I got, but I have to ask a question so the bot doesn’t delete my comment, so how’s life been going? Do you remember winning camper of the week?

I still have that medal! I loved my experiences at Camp High Harbor, that place was magical. Trail Blazers for life.

Where does your inspiration come from when you write music?

I’m not sure, somewhere above my head. Or maybe from my heart.

Are you anything like Ned in the show? Do you guys share any similar personality traits?

Yeah definitely! I feel like I was Ned in school. Not part of the popular crowd, but not unpopular. Friends with everybody, or at least did my best to be. Was nervous around girls I liked, wasn’t smooth with the ladies. Although I was a better student than Ned, I got straight As.

What made you get into making music?

Nothing made me. But some of it came from the fact that I could do it any time and be responsible for it entirely. Movies and TV I have to audition and get hired. Music I can write any time and play any time.