ninja sex party

We are Ninja Sex Party! Our album “Attitude City” was released today, ask us anything!

Thanks so much for supporting our new album today! We’re here to answer any and all of your sexy questions!

Our new album: Or 3-CD bundle:

Proof that we are us:

Usernames: DannySexbang and omgitsninjabrian


I’ve seen lots of Ninjas in your music videos, but not one Sex Party. Do you have any words defending this heinous misuse of your band name?

Danny Sexbang: Youtube censorship guidelines. Believe me, we’d LOVE to show our sex parties

Brian, how long did you allow Kevin to live for after he dishonoured your outfit?

Ninja Brian: Funny story: I immediately murdered him.

Brian: Loved the stand up of yours that I found. Have you considered doing more?

Ninja Brian: I do a lot of performing as myself. I co-founded a science-themed storytelling show called “The Story Collider” (, and I frequently perform as a storyteller. You can check out a very recent story of mine on our podcast:

So, ehhhhhh, will this album be on the Spoofy?

Danny Sexbang: You know it, dad!

What if one day you woke up and everyone in the world except you had transformed into acclaimed Australian actor Russell Crowe?

Danny Sexbang: I’d be so mad I’d throw a phone at somebody

My Dad was on my browser where he saw the link to the cdbaby site and then questioned me what ninjasexparty was, what do I say?

Danny Sexbang: Tell him “It’s for school or some shit.” He’ll like that.

Is there anyone Ninja Brian /hasn’t/ killed?

Danny Sexbang: If you’re able to ask that question, then you’re already one of the lucky ones

Ninja Brian: I just got him. R.I.P. that guy.

Danny, will you father my children? I’m a dude but we can make it work and stuff.

Ninja Brian: I’ll field this one for Danny: Yeah, he’ll do that.

Ninja Brian, I’ve heard that one of your super powers is to annoy Danny to the point of madness. What is your favorite method, or one that is incredibly effective?

Ninja Brian: My favorite techniques: – Take a long time to ask a question but then immediately tune out when he responds. – Keep doing stuff until he asks me to stop, and then do it EVEN HARDER. – Play my fave jams (atonal modern music) at top volume while he’s trying to sleep.

Anyone you’d like to do a collab with?

Danny Sexbang: Weird Al! ERB! Tenacious D! Daft Punk! So many talented people out there!!

Brian, were any of your students fans of NSP? How did that effect your relationship with them? (If it did)

Ninja Brian: I think some were, but I didn’t want to talk about it at work — I was there to teach and do research, not discuss my weird sex band.

What would it be like if the kingdom of Westeros was ruled by Ninja Sex Party, First of Their Names, Kings of Anals, The Rhoynar, and The First Men, Kings of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protectors of the Realm?

Danny Sexbang: We’d finally introduce Westeros to the concepts of sex and violence

Brian: Do you accept string theory?

Ninja Brian: My career as a theoretical physicist was focused on string theory and quantum field theory, so I’m a big proponent of string theory as an interesting and useful area of research. As to whether or not it’s ultimately the correct, in the sense that it actually describes the world we live in, I have no idea. But even if string theory turns out to be wrong, i.e., if it makes predictions that disagree with the observed properties of the universe, it will still be an interesting and worthwhile area of study because of the cool mathematical structures involved.

Short version of that answer: fuck yeah I do.

What, in your minds, is NSP’s greatest strength regarding music?

Danny Sexbang: That we are serious about not taking ourselves seriously

Will Samurai Abstinence Patrol have a music video in the future?

Danny Sexbang: Yes! It will probably be animated

What were some geographical one liners that didn’t make it into the final cut of Road Trip?

Ninja Brian: Some that I remember are: “I had sexico in Mexico”, “I tapped that Djibouti”, and “I Filled-ippines”

Dear Danny, Ninja Brian’s eyes are a beautiful, yet deadly, blue. Whenever I gaze upon them I feel how I imagine the passengers of the Titanic felt when they saw the iceberg. Frightened and awe struck. My question for you is, how do you feel when you look into Ninja Brian’s eyes?

Danny Sexbang: Like I’m looking into two pools of infinity

How long will it take for Ninja Brian’s daughter to become a full-fledged ninja? She’s already got the death stare down.

Ninja Brian: She pretty much already is, if you judge that by how often she kicks me in the face.

How did Arin and Barry feel about their names being used as the members of the Samurai Abstinence Patrol? (love the album and u guys <3)

Ninja Brian: We didn’t ask. I hate those guys.

Danny Sexbang: They were psyched! Ninja Brian gave them no choice but to be psyched!

What are your favourite game grumps series?

Ninja Brian: What’s “Game Grumps”?

Danny Sexbang: Nice Brian. I loved Shadow Of The Colosuss and Dead or Alive Extreme 2 the most!

Danny: Do you ever put your hair in a bun?

Danny Sexbang: I don’t bun-ify it myself, but girls do sometimes. I look hilariously dumb

When the pair of you touch tips does it get really windy and bright like a star is being born? In a super Hetero Bro way I mean. Ps I fucking love you guys

Ninja Brian: yeah that’s basically how it goes down

Was this you?! tbh that’s not what your ninja skills are for.


Danny, how do you deal with sad moments?

Danny Sexbang: Breathe, smile, turn off the computer, talk a walk outside, and remember that stormy waters ALWAYS pass

Will there ever be a sequel story to ‘The Beej’?

Ninja Brian: Yup! It’s already written! “The Beej 2: The Re-Beej”.

When will the music video from 6969 be on youtube?

Danny Sexbang: We already filmed it! We’ll be working on the post-production for months and months because we want it to be insanely awesome!!!

Danny, will you say “I’m a sexy widdle baby” for us?

Danny Sexbang: I’M A SEXY WIDDLE BABY!!!!

Ninja Brian: LOUDER

First of all, Dan I love your positivity, you’re helping me get through a really hard time at the moment, so thank you. My question is, how does making a NSP album compare to making a Starbomb album? Do you go through a similar process? Also love the new album!!!

Danny Sexbang: Thank you!! I think the only real difference in the process is Arin’s involvement. He’s got a different vibe and is funny in his own way. I love him

Ninja Brian: Dude, who’s “Arin”?

Congratulations on a great album! Avi was telling the truth when he said 6969 was one of the best things you guys have ever done, so I was wondering, what were you’re initial plans for this song when you first got the idea, and how long has it been in development?

Danny Sexbang: Thank you! We’d wanted to do an epic song for a long time. Sacred Chalice was our first attempt, but honestly we were a little too new as a band to pull it off the way we wanted to. With 6969 we feel like we are finally getting our crazy ideas across how we want them. We’ve worked on it for over a year.

Who voices the Council of Dick Elders?

Ninja Brian: The main Dick Elder is none other than Michael Starr, the lead singer of Steel Panther! He’s the best!

Danny Sexbang: That was Michael Starr, the lead singer from Steel Panther. He’s incredible!

Where do babies come from?

Ninja Brian: Do you mean like space babies or normal babies? Cause space babies come from space.

What has been your favourite NSP album so far?

Ninja Brian: Probably “Speak Now”, but maybe “1989”.

I’ve always wondered: what actually brought you guys together in the first place?

Danny Sexbang: We both wanted to do something cool and weird musically, and then luckily found the perfect partner

Brian, (I’m a huge fan and I love you) ,has you doing NSP effected your work at university?

Ninja Brian: It totally has. I quit my professor job, partly to focus more on NSP!

How long did it take for you to get your black belt in amazing and how much was tuition at the University of Fuckin’ Keepin it Real?

Danny Sexbang: It took me like 5 minutes, BRO!

Now that Brian is living in the same area, will you consider going on tour/preforming at conventions?

Ninja Brian: Absolutely! A major goal of ours for the near future is getting a sweet live show going. There’s a lot to figure out, since it’s hard to do the kind of stuff we write now with just 2 guys, but we have a few ideas about how to make it work. Stay tuned!

Since you both have improv experience that you seem to love what motivation could you give to someone who pussies out minutes before they sign up?

Danny Sexbang: Yeah, just remember to breathe when you freeze up on stage and you’ll be fine. In 100 years, there’s going to be all new people anyway, so have fun and live your life!

How many of your fans have you slept with Danny?

Danny Sexbang: Just my ceiling fan

How can I buy Attitude City without using itunes? Digitally

Ninja Brian: On CDBaby!

How do I get my mom into your music?

Ninja Brian: Send us her phone number. We’ll take over from there.

Congrats on a kick-ass third album. My question is; do you have any plans for more cool collaborative stuff like The Hit with TWRP?

Danny Sexbang: Already working on that. I adore those guys!

Hey danny and Brian it’s pretty sweet you two are doing this AMA. My question is if NSP/Starbomb were ever to tour what are some cities you’d like to perform for?

Danny Sexbang: New York, LA, Philly, Chicago, Toronto, Austin, Portland, Seattle and any other place that would want us!

If Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian were to each have their own arch nemesis, who would it be and why?

Ninja Brian: Our archnemeses are the Samurai Abstinence Patrol: Arin Neverbone and Samurai Barry!

Hi Danny, how do you maintain the fro?

Danny Sexbang: Judaism maintains the fro for me!

Danny, were you at all nervous to join a let’s play channel? Especially seeing as how both Jon’s channel and Arin’s channel both suffered a bit for the sake of game grumps.

Danny Sexbang: Nah, it was fun because I love Arin and Jon. The fans have been totally amazing to me!

Is a Ninja Sex Party tour ever possible with Dan and Brian’s busy schedules?

Danny Sexbang: We’re actually gonna focus on this a lot more next year!

Do you guys already have ideas for new songs or an album?

Danny Sexbang: Yes! One has already been written and recorded!

Ninja Brian: Yes! We already recorded the first song on the next album!

How does it feel to have come this far? Also, how much buttsex is too much?

Ninja Brian: It feels amazing! We’ve been doing NSP for 6 years now, and to see the incredible support that our fans have given the new album is really astonishing to us. We both started out as musicians in not very popular bands, so to be able to reach so many fans through NSP (and Starbomb) is really gratifying. In fact, you could say that we’re currently in…GRATITUDE CITY.

Hey Brian, its my understanding that you do the musical side of things pretty much on your own, and the collaborate with Danny on awesome lyrics/song ideas. Do you have any formal music training?

Ninja Brian: I studied composition at Williams College, where I got a BA with a double major in math and music. I mostly focused on jazz writing, arranging, and performance.

Can you describe the process behind mixing your music?

Ninja Brian: Our mixing guy is Dan Castellani Jr, who we’ve been working with for many years now. We let him take a first pass at the tracks and then go back and forth with him to get the tastiest mix possible!

Where do you guys plan to venture musically (both content and style-wise) in the future? Your guys’ music has evolved awesomely and I’m excited to see it continue to do so!

Danny Sexbang: We don’t know yet. That half the fun! We will continue to push ourselves though!

What are some of the biggest inspirations for this album? Other albums? Other musicians? Etc.

Danny Sexbang: Rush, Weird Al, and Daft Punk!

Were there any other songs that you kept trying to write for the longest time but ultimately failed to make it a full song?

Danny Sexbang: Were there any other songs that you kept trying to write for the longest time but ultimately failed to make it a full song?

If you guys could make a tv series based on the band, what kind a show would it be?

Danny Sexbang: A flight of the Conchords style show would be amazing

Will you ever provide vocals for any future songs? Why or why not?

Ninja Brian: I won’t, because I’m a terrible singer!

What was your most favorite music video to do?

Danny Sexbang: 6969 definitely! That one is going to be wild when it’s done

How come you guys never talked about the dick figures song you did? It was great and I would love to hear about how it went down.

Danny Sexbang: Oh we were happy to do that. Ed and Zack are our friends and I thought their movie was great!

What shampoo do you use?

Ninja Brian: If I don’t get my 0.00000000001 seconds of sleep every night, I’m an absolute wreck the next day.

What is up with Doug? When will we get the story of why he sucks? It’s another day, Damn it!

Ninja Brian: We covered this on Twitter recently:

What would you guys recommend to people who want to do the same kind of comedy/music thing NSP have done?

Ninja Brian: Just do it! But don’t do it better than us, because then I’ll fly into a murderous rage.

Two years ago you said you were working on something with Bo Burnham, any news on that?

Danny Sexbang: No news unfortunately. We’d love to work with him though!

Do you ever get recognized in public?

Danny Sexbang: Yes, it’s a daily thing now and it feels wonderful

Do you guys have any current method or any plans to release stems or acapella tracks for remixes?

Ninja Brian: Not at the moment, but it’s definitely something we’d like to do in the future!

How did you guys and your families and friends react to all the great fans and support you’ve gotten throughout the years? We all love you very much.

Danny Sexbang: My family is super excited and proud! My friends think its cool but they still think of me as the same jackass they’ve always known

Will you ever consider going on a tour? Or do you think that Game Grumps recordings will get in the way of a tour?

Danny Sexbang: YES! We will tour at some point. I’ll make it work so Grumps doesnt miss a beat

If Ninja Brian and Danny Sexbang were real people what would they be doing in 20-30 years?

Danny Sexbang: We’ll let you know in 2035! Probably something totally fucking awesome!

How long have you been recording for this album? Were you recording things for other albums at the time?

Ninja Brian: It took us about 2 years to write and record the album. And we were doing a couple Starbomb albums during that time as well!

What inspires you to make music? Like is it certain people, or the fans, or anything like that?

Danny Sexbang: Everything inspires us to make music. It’s what we were put on this earth to do. The fans inspire us TREMENDOUSLY!