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IamAn Actress and Male Comedienne Peter Serafinowicz. Ask me anything?

I’m Peter Serafinowicz, an actor and writer. You may recognise me from Shaun of the Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, Look Around You or perhaps from one of my three lines as Darth Maul’s voice.

I’m also in the new Paul Feig movie SPY, starring Melissa McCarthy, the trailer of which was released just now

Photo proof!

Any chance you’ll be in the next Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg joint?

Simon and Edgar don’t make ‘joints’. Spike Lee is the world’s only jointsmith.

Any plans to bring “Look Around You” to US Netflix Instant?

No plans but would love to do that. Me and Robert still fantasise about doing another series.

Do you still play paintball and sleep in the arms of a beautiful woman?

I play paintball while sleeping in the arms of a beautiful woman. They’re covered in paint.

Out of all the NPC characters in Dark Souls 1 or 2, which (with the exeption of Mild-Mannered Pate) is your favorite?

I love Oswald of Carim. His voice makes me laugh every time – “It is only human to commit a sin. Kekekekekehh!” Whoever that actor is is wonderful, I’d love to use him in something.

Did you ever interact with other voice actors when working with Namco?

Nope. I did turn up to the session in a “YOU DIED” t-shirt I’d made. No-one said anything 🙁

How are you doing on the Brian Butterfield diet so far in 2015?

I’ve lost a leg.

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright… Fuck, marry, kill?

All three and all three.

Is there any chance of a return to the Peter Serafinowicz show at all?

I’d love to do the PS Show again, of course.

Hello Peter! Big Fan! How fun is it to work with Trey and Matt on South Park?

Working on South Park was quite an experience.

Will we be seeing you in any more video games in the near future… perhaps Bloodborne?

Being in the writers’ room was like attending the finest writing course money can buy. Matt and Trey are actual geniuses.

What build do you typically go for in Dark Souls? Strength/Dex? Pyromancer?

I usually go for an all-rounder but the fun of Dark Souls 1 and 2 (and Demon’s Souls – worth buying a PS3 for) is trying different builds out. And starting the whole game again is such a pleasure.

What games are you playing at the moment? Also, I love your voice. Any plans to do more voice acting?

Had a little go of Far Cry, pretty good. I like The Evil Within although technically it’s a mess and the whole game is preposterous. Just want another Resident Evil 4 really. Btw I dictated this reply. X

Do you like rings? Do you like wings? Do you like bings? Do you like mings? Do you like stings? Do you like kings? Do you like tings?

Me like tings.

Do you come up with the answers as the questions come in or are you hoarding puns to use when the time is right?

Thank you! I come up with them as they come in – it’s a little easier than you’d imagine because I get so many questions I can laser in on the ones with the best potential.

Any chance of the show coming back in some way or form? Possibly a Brian Butterfield spin-off?

We are working on a TV show for Brian and we’ve written a movie for him too. But things move very slowly in TV and film and by the time I get it made I probably won’t need any prosthetic make-up.

When you grew 2 extra heads for your cover of ‘Get Lucky,’ did that hurt?

No! Removing them did though.

Do you feel any connection to, or enjoy the work of, other absurdists like Tim and Eric or Eric Andre? What are your primary comedic influences?

I LOVE Tim and Eric of course. They have made me laugh harder than anything I can remember in the last few years. Haven’t seen Eric Andre’s show but I think Hannibal Buress is on that and he’s very funny. I don’t watch much comedy these days, I tend to watch dramas more. GOT, BB, all those great ones. I love finding new, strange comedy – Xavier: Renegade Angel is maybe the strangest show ever and is one of my all-time favourites in any medium. The Comeback on HBO is pure joy for me to watch, Lisa Kudrow is incredible.

You are kind of an outspoken gamer, at least in relation to the Souls series. Has that had any negative or positive effects in your professional life/career (surprising fellow actors that are gamers, etc)?

Only in that it’s taken away precious writing time.

How fucking pumped are you for Bloodborne?

I have been semi-erect since it was announced.

What was it like working with Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy in new movie SPY? What was it like on set?

Hiya! SPY was pretty much the best job I’ve ever had. Certainly the most pure fun. I play an Italian secret agent and I think my portrayal of an Italian will certainly get me banned from Italy and probably all Italian restaurants too.
Paul is an absolute delight to work with. He’s incredibly clever and funny, and very generous too – a quality funny people sometimes lack (or seem to lack). Every scene was a joy to perform and if I made him laugh I felt so flattered. He’s a beauty.
Working with Melissa made me realise that I needed to bring my A-game (I’d initially only brought my C-game.) As a comedy actor, I was quite in awe of her and sometimes had to snap myself out of just watching her during a scene, thinking ‘how does she DO that!?’. She’s not only extremely funny but christ what an actor. She is also very thoughtful and kind.