retired fashion model

IamA retired Fashion Model, I worked in 17+ countries over 8 years – [25,F,Brazil]

Bio I started modeling when I was 12 in Brazil and ended up having a international career. Now I live in Asia and am trying hard to go back into the “traditional” job world.

I am doing the AMA specially because I don’t view the industry as the “evil” a lot of people portray, its a though business but still a business

Modeling is a job after all that requires a lot of hard work from a very young age. I have worked from prestigious shows in Paris to very terrible 20hrs+ catalogues in China.


Proof: photos updated:

When you’re wearing something really outrageous and over the top, do you ever joke about it with each other backstage or is that seen as super unprofessional? Sometimes I look at runways and wonder what the girl wearing the giant balloon might have been thinking. Of course I don’t expect you can say anything to the designer and the like, but to other models? Do you have opinions on the clothes they put you in or does it become just really boring work stuff?

ABSOLUTELY! We joke a lot backstage and sometimes even the fashion show coordinators (the people that organize all the show crew) join in. But OF COURSE we don’t do in front of the designer or their assistants. Once they are near we are quiet and composed haha

We only really have opinions when they are amazingly beautiful and since they are not yet released we try to guess how much they would cost. The rest we just do it and get over with

Is there generally a very collegial and friendly atmosphere backstage at runways between the models or does it vary?

Its always friendly, from traveling around a lot you always know some girls in every show, or you get to know new ones 🙂

Its not very playful, since everything happens so fast in the backstage you are always being dragged around, running, etc… And sometimes you have 5 or 6 shows in a day and you are dead tired. But we all go along well, never seen any weird reality tv style cattish stuff

Speaking of reality tv, what do you think of America’s Next Top Model? I always wondered what models felt about the show and specifically if the challenges shown are actually qualified to make you a top model. What are some characteristics in a person who’s been casted in the show you would recognize to be able to become at least a decent model in the real industry?

I don’t hate the show, but to be honest working as a model is not like that, they make it so they can sell, usually the winner ends up invested into the real career, I personally know a couple girls that won or were on that show, and nowadays they are proper legit models

But that day to day portrayed is not legit, you are allowed to have a real life and clients are less involved into “who you are as a person and your history”

Do drugs really have as ubiquitous a presence in a model’s life as it has been portrayed in movies and other media in the past? Or is it something you could evade quite easily?

I find it a slight exaggeration. Sure, models are around drugs, and so are any other teenagers that go out to clubs.

I think the secret models don’t want you to know is that they are all broke. Sure you make money, but only at the end of your contract in each country (usually 2-3 months at a time) meanwhile you get a little allowance that is badly enough to take the trains around town. So if you want to have a social life you go out with promoters, they are paid by clubs to take models in, there you can drink for free and there are plenty of rich guys popping bottles and those same guys are willing to offer you free drugs, now its up to you to take it or not.

i know girls that did a lot of drugs but also know a lot of girls that never touched it. I kept myself mostly out of those circles


I kept away from the drugs, but I did go out with promoters and rich dudes a lot of times, since I wanted to have a social life

The way you phrase it sounds miserable, sorry if that sounds rude to say aloud

it can be, but thats not your entire life right, you will make local normal friends. In tokyo for example I had a group of D&D that we played almost weekly. But you know, some nights you want to go out, drink, dance and meet people! And that was a viable solution

When I was in Milan (at 17yo) I was so poorly treated by my agency that I couldn’t afford food. So I went out every night so I could eat and drink. Then do 20+ castings the next day on barely any sleep, no food, then go out and do it all over again the next night. Every. Single. Night. I don’t know how I didn’t die…

Legit! I had a terrible time in milan too! My agency kicked me out of the apartment on easter eve and I couldnt even manage to get a plane ticket, so I slept on my friends floor for weeks, etc… Luckly my second time there I went with a different agency that was very nice. But in general I feel like agencies in europe are harder on you for some reason :

… You and I lead very different lives.

It’s very different than most ppl, doesn’t mean better tho. I would look at the people with the mad jobs, making ton of money and sponsoring all of it and think: their life is so different than mine…

Why don’t models earn more if an allowance? And is it part of the contract that the agency doles of xx amt of money? Do they get more of an allowance based on bookings? How does it work?

when an agency pays for your flights, transport, apartment, working visas, etc.. they have no guarantee of any return, so they give you a cash allowance as basic as possible so in case you do no jobs and make them no money they havent thrown that much money away

After those you should have money from the past jobs?

Yeah, but you always have extra expenses, clothes you need to buy, tickets back home to see your family, etc…

A lot of contracts you make a lot of money, a lot you leave on a very negative account, so you want to cherish that money and not spend partying when you could get it from free

Also, we are talking about 12/13 year old girl finally making some money, I would for SURE manage my money way better nowadays than i did back then

What’s the most awkward situation that you came across while in these foreign countries w/o knowing the regional language?

In countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, since the locals don’t normally speak english, they pick all the girls up in the morning their van with a driver and a interpreter that takes you to all your casting calls. The problem is, sometimes you only have 1 casting, but other girls have more, you still have to stay all day in the van. Once in Tokyo, I spent so much time in the van or in underground photography studios that I realized I havent seen sunlight (unless out of the car window) for an ENTIRE MONTH. I totally lost it and started crying like crazy (emotions people, emotions!)! My interpreter felt bad, dropped me in shibuya at 1pm and I spent the day just jumping around outside haha

That actually made me sad. I’ve never heard of this part of modeling, so thanks for sharing.

Don’t worry, it’s not sad, it’s stressful, but that’s why you need though skin. There are also so many good sides of it

I’ve started modeling since I was 16 and I’m currently 20. I mostly work in different cities in America. I’ve only finished High school education and I haven’t started on college yet. Any advice for that? I’ve also toyed with the idea of retiring in a year or two but I’m not so sure if it’s a good idea or not. Another question is, what age did you start and how did you start? Have you always wanted to be a model?

I started when I was 12 and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to start that young. I am 5’10, I was around 5’8 when I was 12 and I had a lot of confidence issues, a friend of mine kept telling me I was perfect to be a model, and of course I denied. He got some of our photos from a birthday party and sent to Ford Models, they called my mom the next day saying I should come in and try out. I did and that is what happened.

It’s a very good career because it allows you to travel, meet people, learn a lot about yourself, but don’t convince yourself that you are going to be famous. A lot of very successful model careers go by and you are still very anonymous, manage expectations.

If you have any other direct questions just send me a privet msg 🙂

Did your mother travel with you when you were <16?

No 🙁 unfortunately, I wish she was, but my family had to work and I couldn’t really afford to pay my mom to be with me, but if you can afford your moms expenses, they are always welcome

So, was some one assigned to look after you then? 12 is still such a child! Is there a nanny? I can’t imagine a twelve year old fending for herself in a model’s apartment with high rollers lingering around offering drugs and good times to the older models without the child model being at risk…

nowadays the law requires models to be at least 16 if they are traveling alone. But back in the day there was no rules, so yes, I agree, too young!

Are you still friends with the person who sent the pictures to Ford?

We don’t really talk online at all. But every time I am back home we meet up for a drink, and its like no time has passed 🙂 you know those friends, right?

What are some of your best tips for standing out in castings and making the most of the opportunity to get the job?

I do 🙂

  • Dont try too hard to look different than you are wear something you feel pretty and confident in. If they don’t like how you look, its ok, other clients will
  • Be nice say hi to everyone, even the assistant in the reception, talk to the clients nicely, do a little small talk. There will be 100 girls that will walk in with an ass-face acting like a diva, but they will remember you as the nice girl that would be a pleasure to work with
  • Smile because, smile 🙂
  • Don’t be grumpy with rejection accept it, thank them, you never know, maybe you are not the right one for that job but will be to their next shoot/show/catalogue, etc..

Learning to handle rejection is one of the most important skills involved in developing, maintaining, and advancing a career in any field.

I think so. A lot of things like being super busy, working crazy hours, traveling a lot, etc… have their bad sides but they still keep you up. Now rejection can put you down in a lot of levels, being the thing that makes your self steam low, making you want to give up, make you feel helpless, making you bitter, etc… Once you learn how to take rejection you take more like “options of jobs I have” instead of “casting calls to judge me”

Do you have a favorite job that you did? And did you have like a dream gig that you really wanted to do? What are the shows everyone wants to do?

I had a few favorites, I did the Barbie 50 year anniversary show in Tokyo, that is sure memorable and once I made a lingerie catalogue and I saw me in a huge billboard!

I always wanted to work for Vivienne Westwood, I did a casting for her (her and her husband choose the models hands-on) and she loved me but I wasnt the look they wanted for that show, so ended up not getting it

Everyone wants Dior/Chanel/Armani and… Victoria Secrets. Those are the ones that makes you feel like you made it.

Did you ever work for any one of those big names? If so, how was it?

I worked for several big names, but to be honest the biggest difference is how many magazines its listed after. During the jobs its very normal and it doenst feel like its a “big” things 🙂

Why did you decide to retire? Is 25 considered old in modelling?

No, you can push a bit longer, I would say normally around 27, some last longer if you look young and all, I just feared waking up one day and being too old to start a career, but that is just me

What was the best memory you can remember in this 13 year long career?

I think the traveling, the meeting new countries, meeting a lot of interesting people

What jobs are you deciding to get into? Won’t it be easy to stay in industry as something other than model with all the contacts you have made so far, instead of starting anew?

I couldnt get into fashion probably easier, but it was never been my dream, it is never something I could see myself doing (maybe alternative fashion, but not traditional/high fashion)

But why not high fashion? Is that not the ultimate goal for the industry?

Doing high fashion don’t mean everything you do afterwards in high fashion. I did a few (4 or 5) big high fashion names, it’s good exposure and you make and ok money, but then a week goes by and you are back where you were, you still have a lot to work for

What do models actually eat? I read all these horror stories about eating tissue paper and I’m sure it isn’t true.

The thing is, most models are teenagers and the reasons they get into this career is because they are that awkward very skinny girl, so most girl eat everything, like normal people

of course when you get a little bit older and you start to see those measurements change you start taking care of what you eat, i just are very healthy, didnt drink soft drinks, eat fast food, cooked most of my meals so I know what is in it, but nothing crazy

I am not gonna lie that sometimes during a big fashion week, you realize you are 1cm too big for the shows you want and you do go a bit crazy. I used to go for a week of vegetable soups, and very light sandwiches

Does your line of work make you have to deal with any depression?

Depression is something that I couldnt say, but you deal with a roller coaster of emotions.

Most girls come from small towns do not speak any english and suddenly are on their own in a “models apartment”(apartments that agencies have in each country to host their girls) It can be hard to make friends since everyone is always coming and going to different countries, you can change bunk mates maybe 3 times in a month, you get overwhelmingly busy, you are always broke because your agencies allowance is very low, etc…

Also (this seemed to have changed nowadays, talking about when I started) if your measurements changed from your contract, a lot of agencies used to cut your allowance until you lost the weight.

And of course the terrible clients that called you “too fat” “your nose is too big” “too ugly” day in and day out.

I had several break downs. But eventually you learn not to care, you mature a lot about it. Also as many bad agencies and clients you find, you find 3x the amount of awesome supportive agencies and great clients and photographers

Were you ever expected, or felt like it was expected from you, to have sex with someone in order to get a job or keep a position? If so, did you?

I heard those stories, but mainly from girls that meet some dudes and they say they are affiliated to a certain place and would get them a job if they did something.

From all the clients, photographers and jobs I had through my agency, I have NEVER been asked to do anything inappropriate. Even when I worked in any jobs that had nudity I made sure it was stated in the job contract and that there was a full crew or else I would’ve just a left

That’s interesting, I’ve worked on a few film shoots with nudity and they usually reduce crew to make the actors feel more comfortable. But I can totally see how more crew in a photoshoot could help maintain the comfort of a professional environment.

I guess in general film crews are way bigger. Normally in modeling jobs its hair/makeup, photographer, stylist/art director, lights, assistant. So if I go to a naked shoot with only a photographer (unless its a very good friend, that I worked several times with) I would not feel safe at all! For a first time naked shoot with someone I would only feel comfortable with at least hair/makeup and an light/assistant/stylist and photographer. 1-o-1 with a photographer I didnt know well would be shady

What is the craziest thing you have been asked to do in a photoshoot or runway? If you don’t have anything crazy, is there something a friend of yours may have been asked to do that was just really bizarre?

In Japan they have wedding show rooms, selling an entire bridal package. I was introduced to my groom early in the morning and had to simulate an entire wedding for a group of brides to be to see. It included an actual wedding, with my fake bridesmaids and family, cutting a cake, having a first dance… Etc… Entire 9 yards!

Its weird seeing 25 and retired. Have you studied while you were modelling, or have other jobs? What do you plan on doing now that its all over?

I managed to finish High School, and its more than a lot of people do while modeling.

That is the frustrating part, you worked so hard for so many years and grew as a person and a professional but you are still viewed as a 25 year old with no education and no valid experience

I “retired” because that was the expiration date I gave to myself to that career, wouldn’t want to wake up and be 30 and have to face the same problem

oh, as what to do… I am still deciding. I have been working with nightclubs and bars, trying to get into school and decided what is the ultimate goal

Would it have been an option to do open learning / online university while doing modelling to get an additional career path in place before you packed in the modelling career?

If I met a young model now I would 100% give this advice!

Sometime you start so early that you don’t think about that yet, and keep telling yourself you have all the time in the world (you kind of do.. but in a waaay more challenging manner)

Also a lot of girls think they will “make it”, or that opportunities will just open up for you because of how travelled and connected you are

Do you have enough to financially retire as well, for a while at least?

I have enough if I need to spend some money for school or for a need to move or something, not enough to just afford not to work

I do not mean this in a condescending manner at all, I am genuinely curious as to what makes modeling hard work. Would you care to explain? I am eager to hear your perspective.

no problem at all. When you are at a contract you are basically available to work at all times. It means most days you will have call times at 6 or 7 am and you may only get home at 10/11pm or later. You are also expected to keep the same measurements, to have your hair looking good, to dress up well, to have the right make up, socialize with the right people, network, etc… All that when you are pretty much alone in a country you dont live in. I know it doesnt sound to bad, when you think about doing it once in a while, but imagine having this schedule everyday, and that is only ofr you to book jobs

Once you are at the jobs you have hours of shooting, no sitting down, no eating, in shoes that are too small and clothes that are uncomfortable only to wake up the next day early and go back to the same things i told you


do you feel that it was all worth it?

Oh yes, it also has great perks. You get to travel wonderful places and meet wonderful people. You get to work with the designers you always heard about, get to meet a lot of your idols. You see the behind the scene in the movies, music, etc.. You do get invited to great parties as well 🙂

What is the craziest thing you have done while on work?

I peed in a plastic cup and handed to the client.

I was in this catalogue in China, shooting for hours and I needed to pee. I kept asking, they kept saying “No, we are paying per hour, go to the changing room and change outfit” in those places to make sure you dont slack they have this intern girl in the changing room to change you (literally, like a doll).

I changed, grabbed a plastic cup from the water filter, peed on it, and walk to the client and handed to her

What advice would you give yourself before you started modelling? What advice would you give other models who are just starting?

  • don’t start too young, you have time to mature and manage your career better
  • don’t do any jobs you are not comfortable with, you are free to decide
  • don’t jump into any international agency offers without researching how legit they are, there are a lot of dangers out there
  • you are not special, or better than anyone. You were just given a really cool opportunity, take value on it
  • learn as much as you can about the places you travel
  • have a though skin, don’t get upset, the jobs comes with a lot of rejection, doesn’t mean you are not beautiful and awesome
  • understand that sometimes it may just not work for you

I’m a new freelance model, 22 years old, who just graduated from uni. I have a pretty solid portfolio, but feel like a lost lamb when it comes to approaching agencies. I know it’s impossible to say what they’re looking for, but what tips could you give an amateur freelance model looking to get signed?

It’s like applying for a job. Get your portfolio together, you measurements, your job experience, send to all reputable agencies you know. And as reputable I don’t mean only the big and famous ones, but also the ones with good track record of taking care of their models and being professional )if you in doubt, look for model groups at your city on facebook and ask them) Send them everything and wait for a call back.

Only look for agencies in your country tho, tell them if you are interested in traveling and they will be the ones to send you abroad. That way it’s also their interest to make sure you are in good hands

Everyone says that you need to find “good” or “reputable” agencies, but if you’re new to the industry how do you know?

There are the top 10, that you know are reputable and you can make a internet research.

For the non top 10, go on Facebook find modeling groups from the given city and ask. Look for girls that are listens in that agency, ask them about the experience. If you find anything fishy or feel iffy, don’t go for it, if you have potential other agencies will take you or give you tips to improve to be fit for them.

It’s sad but there is also a chance you are not marketable and not suitable for the job, it’s better to be rejected than to get into a shady agency that would put you on risk

Also if an agency charge you to be their model it’s a MASSIVE red flag

What kind of job are you trying to get now?

I am still deciding. I always wanted to work in something techy yet creative, video game companies, marketing agencies, etc… But I do feel like I missed the boat on that, I go to college now and when I graduate I will be a 29 year old with no “valid experience”

So I am focusing on more realistic expectation, like working for bar and restaurant groups, try to grow a career within and eventually get to marketing/management, etc…

Which country did you love most so far out of the 17+?

My favorite is Hong Kong, thats why I decided to stay here after I retired (still here!)

I would give honorable mentions to New York, Tokyo and South Korea tho

Can you tell us, who are not models, what is it that’s so hard about your job? I was under the impression that the majority of models were BORN looking fantastic, and then had to either watch what they eat, or do some cardio/weights from time to time.

I think to “become” a model, being tall, skinny, and looking good is all it takes. Now to keep being a model and to work as a model is a bit harder.

The first thing you have to take is getting that first contract and being sent somewhere you dont really have a choice in and not knowing how anything is going to be like. My first contract was Singapore. I landed there 1 week after getting the offer. You out of the blue are set o leave with 10 other people from different countries that you cant communicate. You have to day by day look your best and show up to 5..10..15 casting a day (it means 5..10..15 train rides) to get there and be told “you are not good enough”, and keep that routine daily. Until you actually book jobs and get call times at 5am and work all day…

I dont mean to sound like its terrible. its not, but it is like any other job. you dont just look good and stay at home on the internet telling people you are a model

do u find asian men attractive? can you distinguish between chinese, korean, japanese, taiwanese? is HK and chinese men a reason u chose there over other countries?

Yeah, I live in Asia and don’t care if race, if I’m attractive and you cool, I’m down 🙂 I can indeed tell difference between Korean, mainland China, HK, southeast Asian, it is hard to tell Taiwanese and Japanese tho! Ain’t gonna lie

What did you like about Hong Kong?

I really cant describe, there is something about how big it is and always busy.. but how small that you know everyone and your environment

Approximately how much does a model make yearly? You mentionned that most models are actually broke; I always thought it paid a LOT..

It’s very hard to quantify, you go into a country for a 2-3 months contract. They pay for your apartment, weekly allowance, transport, any paperwork needed, etc… You got for casting and get jobs, at the end of you contract they put on a statement how much you made – taxes, from that they take away all the expenses and a 20~40% commission, you get the rest.

If you don’t work enough to pay expenses you leave on a negative account, and you never have to repay that

Are you working for an agency that contracts you out for that foreign contact (which sounds like it is with some other agency), or are you “freelance” or working for yourself when you sign up for the foreign job?

I had a agency that set up all my international contracts with other agencies. Its ok to approach international agencies yourself tho, as long as you know they are reputable. But I wouldnt be out there selling myself out for random foreign jobs without an agency to back me up on laws, visas, payments, bank accounts, etc..

Could you please give some hard numbers? Maybe a estimate per year, take home?

it REALLY changes every lient in every country. Its more like this a client says “Take photos for my brand for 5 yours, and let me use int he whole world for 1 year for X amount of money” and you choose to take it or not. So they are no standards.

The only one that is more of a regular are catalogues and fashion shows. Catalogues tend to be around 100 euros per hour. Fashion shows 200 to 600 euros (for the day)

Now how many you book a year can REALY vary

Random but as a beautiful person lol, do you find that a lot of women are hostile and stand offish around you?

Not really. I guess girls tend to be very hostile to each other in some sort of food chain thing. When you are working in the business the other girls are in the same struggles as you, we all tend to stick together and help each other out, you learn very fast that it’s not about being beautiful, it’s about what people decide is beautiful, you may be beautiful to one client and terribly ugly to another, so there isn’t an actual competition and if there is, is a friendly one

I am way more easy going about my image nowadays, I don’t need to be the pretties or the center of attention, o guess this way there is very little hostility towards me

Are models actually an alien race, or are they just selected for their otherworldly appearance?

oh no! you found out our secret. I guess I will have to find you and do scientific experiments on you, with probes and stuff

we are mainly selected for our awkwardly heights and being that skinny girl everyone makes fun of in school for having no boobs

Is your fav film Zoolander?

Ok, I LOVE that movie! First time I watched was in Malaysia with a bunch of male models… It’s no 100% true, but it’s funny to have a positive funny joke about models, and who’s fault is it to be ridiculously good looking???

What kind of romantic lives are girl models able to have, what with all the traveling and working? What kind did you have? Or is that just, realistically, a dimension of life you have to put off till after retirement?

It was very hard, you are always traveling and you are not even sure when you going to be in a country or not. Se girls are very lucky to find male models and get angle cows to agree to send them abroad together, apart from that you end up in a lot of small term relationships and that’s about it 🙁

Is height the be all and end all in both Male and Female modelling? Like for example, you could have an absolutely stunning person, but if they fall out of the height bracket are there any other options?

There are exceptions to the rules. But usually for fashion modeling girls height is min 5’7 and guys 6′, but in that height you do mostly catalogues and commercials, for fashion shows I would say ideally girl 5’9 guy 6’2

Do you think people who are attractive (by most people’s standards) generally have it easier in life? You seem very down to earth so have you noticed people (not associated with the modeling/fashion world) treating you differently just because your attractive? I would like to ask this question to people I know in real life but the ones I have come across, I think I would just be inflating their ego or they’re just so self-absorbed and so I don’t think they could give me a straight honest thought out answer. I’ve always been fascinated by how one’s attractiveness has shaped them and their view of the world. That’s why I find Ruby Rose’s story so fascinating.

I actually thing you question is very interesting. So attractiveness is very relative. When I was working as a model I knew I followed some set standard of beauty, but I never saw myself as specially attractive. I knew I could fit a dress like I designer would like me too, or have a perfect styled hair, but I never thought when I was outside in a bar guys would look at me like I was above average or anything. I could not deny that people that are presentable (groomed, charismatic, well dressed, etc) tend to have more opportunities. But I think its more related to how you present yourself than the looks you are born with. Also, even if you are amazingly presentable if you cant hold a conversation your initial looks wont help you much. But its unfair but true.. a lot of self absorbed people with inflated ego and ass personalities end up getting ahead for being “out there”

How much did you manage to save up during your modelling? Or did you blow it all?

I never blew money over in bullshit, but you never know how much you make in any country, some countries you leave with a lot of money, some places you leave with 0. Sometimes you need money along the way in some countries, so you use the money you saved, some places you end up needing extra help for lack of agency support, etc.. Also family may need your help, etc.. So I managed to save a bit of money over all, but enough to probably pay for 2 or 3 years of collage (no crazy Ivy League school lol)

Like I mentioned previously, I had what o would consider in the modeling world, successful career, but I never became famous and did million dollars contract like Victoria secrets and etc..

In your years of experience travelling to strange and beautiful new places and meeting interesting people, did you (or a model friend) ever find yourself in a really scary situation? Like a creepy person or location?

Yes, I have been to a few very scary situations and luckily it all worked out at the end. Mainly not related to work itself, most on my time off. I once was in a great agency in Malaysia but in your off time you are free to come and go, I once got a taxi driver I couldn’t communicate in any language with qnd he drove me into very unknown parts of the city, once I got absolutely totally lost in China, and got lost in Indonesia, luckily I had a very strong support group, o I called local fiends that could talk with the involved people and help me out.

What are your thoughts on the use of Photoshop?

I am totally down!!! This tends to be a very polemic modeling thing that I always wanted to be able to talk about, and its very down to the money! Its easier to get a girl with good looks, good skin and skinny but than to pay a guy to do hours and hours of photoshop. So of course, they always have a little retouch, they make your black spots under your eyes go away, maybe a pimple here and there, maybe you waist a tiny bit smaller, but that is about it, unless you are really big and famous and worth those hours haha

I had cases where I had huge bruises on my legs and look at the magazines later and wonder “WHY COULDNT THEY JUST PHOTOSHOP THIS?!?!”

What was your single most favorite outfit that you modeled? Why? Who designed it?

To be honest I don’t remember all outfits they out me in! But a few years ago I remember this beautiful 40s style corset + dress from dolce and gabbana that was my dream!!! I think it was 2010/2011

You seem like you’re the realistic summary of an amateur person becoming an amateur model. Financially speaking, when you quit, how stable were you and what did you have to show for your entire developmental years as a youth?

I think realistic my first 4 years were “cool job and I can maintain myself” I only got into stability after that when I learned the countries my image sells well and the type of jobs I should invest in, my last 5 something years I was very stable

What tips do you have for being photogenic? Is it something that came naturally to you, or do you constantly have to hone your art?

i dont believe in being photogenic, i think you just need to learn the angles/ways that make you look good 🙂 anyone can!

What was your {and other models} relationships with food? Were photographers and agencies hard on the models about constantly being thin?

i always had a very normal relationship with food. From having a job that requires a certain body shape I did indeed make a decision to keep it very healthy, so for years I never drank any soft drinks, didnt eat anything deep fried, fast food, anything that sounds like “triple chocolate fudge”etc… But I never starved myself. Always ate a ton of vegetables, meat, carbs, dairy, etc…

What was your exercise regimen?

Im ashamed! I am shit at exercise! Always hated it, all I ever did was swimming, running or dancing. Never lifted weights haha, but I always kept myself active

Sounds like you’ve lived a really interesting life, with travelling to so many countries, and moving away from home. I sometimes wish I could do the same, but I feel morally obligated to stay at home and look after the family that helped raise me. Do you ever feel any regret about any aspects of your modelling life?

yeah, i have a couple. One is that feeling that my parents will eventually die and I spent all my life away and spent no time since childhood with them. The other being that being I am away, my parents somehow dont want to tell me about things that they are going thru, not to worry me, and I end up finding out way later and feeling really bad about not being there to help. But family is family, and when the time comes that I know they will require my help, I will go back to them.