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I’m the thug life magician. AMA

Hey guys, unexpected magic thug / professional magician / world traveller / film major. Ask Me Anything!

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Did you, in fact, choose the thug life? Or did it choose you?

I’d say it definitely chose me…

What’s the hardest/worst thing about magic?

One of the hardest things is to get people to take it seriously at first. “Oh your a magician haha” Once people start to respect it and understand that It’s giving me a lot of opportunity to see the world and have some amazing opportunities, it gets a lot better.

How much do you make?

im in college, so negative 35k a year

Can you please do a magic trick on John Cena where you disappear and leave him holding a card that says “you can’t see me”?

haha that would be hilarious!

Ever had a super hard crowd to please? How do you deal with hecklers?

It’s all about not allowing to get them to bother you.

What are some of your best memories from Tannen’s Magic Camp?

The movie really does sum up the vibe of the camp, but one of the most unique things about the camp is how much of a family we were. Many of my best friends are from our days at the camp, and many of them are working full time in the entertainment industry. Magic Camp at the time was almost a factory that pumped out entertainment professionals!

What are you studying?

Electronic media / film

What made you want to become a film major?

I love the entertainment industry, and I’ve always had a passion for movies. Both my parents were very involved in the entertainment industry growing up.

How long have you been practicing magic?

I’ve been interested in it since around 6 years old. Then I turned 12, I started really getting involved in the entertainment industry, performing in local competitions. It really blew up for me in college. After my freshman year, I travelled to England to represent the USA in the world championships of magic, and have had a blast over the last four years traveling the world performing while still being a full time college student!

Do yo have any pets that travel with you and are part of your act?

I’m a magician that’s allergic to rabbits, so I choose to keep it in the hat.

What trick took you the longest to learn?

Anything that is sleight of hand related was the hardest to learn.

How would you suggest someone who is interested in being a magician get started?

Definitely check out Tannen’s Magic Camp, or even go to a local magic shop. The community has always been very welcoming to budding young magicians.

How did you get into magic?

I think I saw a magician as a kid and just wanted a new hobby. Turned out to be much more than that!

Have you ever met Neil Patrick Harris?

yes, but I doubt he remembers

What’s a good first trick to learn?

My first tricks were the magic coloring book and the zig-zag pencil

What was the push that got you to start really taking magic seriously?

I competed at the world teen championships of magic when I was 15 in Las Vegas, and a lot of my idols were there sitting in the audience. It was pretty surreal for me, but that’s definitely when I saw this more as a career than a hobby.

Have you ever been to the famously exclusive Magic Castle?

Yeah! I performed there last April. What an awesome experience!

Who do you look up to in your career?

Anyone who has been able to do what they love instead of selling out to make money.

How much magic does one need to learn before the thug life chooses them?

Apparently 8 years worth

How do the ladies like your whole magic thing? Whats a normal reaction from a girl when you first tell her your a man who knows the art of prestidigitation?

It’s one of two responses:
1: “Oh My GOD your’e a magician! Thats awesome!
2: “Oh… you do magic… hmmm ok i guess
Theres always been the classic public opinion of magicians being corny etc. I want to fix that

Do you think that everyone with practice can learn sleight of hand tricks, or do you need a talent?

Anyone can learn magic! It definitely takes a lot of hard work though!

Is magic art?

I believe it can be.

How boss has your eye hand coordination gotten?

Pretty boss

What is the best magic movie?

I’m a big fan of the prestige.

What do you think of David Blaine?

He’s an awesome dude! Great magic, and shaped magic in pop culture this past decade.

How did you begin your career?

A combination of meeting the right people and getting really lucky with some awesome opportunities.

As a magician and a film major, how do you feel about film that portrays magicians/illusionists?

A lot of it’s definitely blown out of proportion. I definitely think it’s great though because Magic is getting a lot more attention in the past few years than it ever had before then

From what I’ve watched of Penn and Teller and other magicians, doing the trick is only half the equation. It seems like you need equal parts showmanship and skill. How do you practice your showmanship?

Honestly it’s about genuinely having a good time while performing. you can’t fake that emotion that you have on stage it just comes to you with time