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We Are “The Price Is Right”

My short bio:

We are “The Price Is Right” and itโ€™s Socially Awesome Week, so weโ€™re here to let our fans ask us anything they want to know about the show! Model Rachel Reynolds, Director/Producer Adam Sandler, and Co-Producer Stan Blits are here answering your questions now!

My Proof:

In the showcase round, if both contestants are exactly $249 away from the actual retail price of their respective showcases, do they both win both showcases?

[Adam] Yes! Both would win both showcases (as long as they didn’t overbid of course).

What is your favorite of the mini-games and why is it Plinko?

[Rachel] Mine is Cover Up, i’ve always loved it!

[Stan] Half Off and Spelling Bee

[Adam] That would be like me picking which of my children I like best.

How often are people disappointed (or pleased) that you’re not the actor Adam Sandler?

[Adam] There’s an actor named Adam Sandler?

I saw the episode with adam dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage(metal band) on it. I thought it was awesome that he won. Did any of the staff know who he was or that his band had been nominated for a grammy?

[Stan] No we had no idea! We actually put a lot of people on the show who end up being famous. In fact, today’s show featured Britney Tankard who is a reality star and we had no idea until we saw it online.

What has been the biggest laugh-out-loud, fall-down funny moment you can recall in your time at the show?

[Rachel] It was with Chrissy Teigen in Door 2 and we had a lady win all three prizes in Most Expensive. She was so excited running towards George, she tripped, went head first into George and knocked him down. Then Chrissy gave him CPR and this made for one of the funniest moments I’ve ever witnessed on stage!

How come the show does not offer luxury cars more often? Golden Road and Three Strikes are rarely played, and there’s hardly ever a luxury car in a showcase anymore. Is it a budget issue, or a matter of availability?

[Stan] Actually we pepper luxury cars in all season long. Plus, we have Dream Car Week. I actually feel like we’ve been having more and more luxury cars every season, they’re just spread out.

Is the model that reveled the car prize to a contestant a few weeks ago still employed?

[Rachel] Yes of course!

I’ve always wondered who creates the unique games that are featured on the show? Does the staff have any input or is there one person behind all the craziness?

[Adam] Everyone on the staff is involved in the creation of new games. And we’re all crazy!

Even though it went viral, was the time The Beautiful Manuela accidentally gave away the car the biggest mistake you’ve seen from the ladies on TPIR?

[Rachel] I don’t know if this would top Manuela giving away a car, but there was that time I drove a car into a door…

How do you guys get the price tags printed with the various dollar amounts? Do you go to a special printer or do you reuse them? Or do you print them at the studio?

[Adam] They are all created by the very talented folks that work in the CBS Graphics Department right here in the studio.

What is the best way to get on the show?

[Stan] When you come to the studio to be interviewed, be yourself, be enthusiastic, and give me lots of energy!

Where does the yodelling music in Cliffhanger come from?

[Rachel] We put Yodely guy into a recording studio and he did a custom cut for us. And if he gets too diva-ish, sometimes I have to fill in.

Why didn’t you answer the lady’s question today about “who won the most?”

[Adam] Thanks for the reminder! The biggest winner in daytime won a total of $170,345 in cash and prizes. Her name was Sheree and it happened in Season 42.

The Audi R8 you guys gave away was pretty awesome. Did Audi donate the whole car for promotion? Did the lady take the car or money instead? Will we see another exotic car in the future?

[Adam] She took the car and loves it!

What is the craziest theme shirt you have seen from the studio audience?

[Adam] One time somebody had a functioning wheel on their t-shirt.

[Stan] And this week, we had a woman wearing a shirt with a sliding Yodely guy on her sleeve!

Is it true you pump the audience studio with oxygen to make everyone all super happy?

[Adam] No, this isn’t a Vegas casino. They come in that way. That energy is 100% natural.

Are there any new games or set changes coming that we can look forward to?

[Adam] There’s always something to look forward to on The Price Is Right ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t miss Season 44!

Will there ever be a The Price Is Right US city tour?

[Adam] There is a TPIR live show that travels the country that’s not shown on TV. But we’d love to take the television show on the road in the future too.

Have you gotten your pets neutered and spayed?

[Rachel] Of course! My dog Sophie has been spayed.

[Adam] Yep! My dog is spayed. And my cat is neutered.

[Stan] Yes, my dog Jessie has been spayed!

Why does it take 37 hours to restart the Range Game once a contestant has stopped it?

[Adam] Rechargeable battery technology hasn’t caught up to the needs of The Price Is Right yet :p

Who is the handsome young guy that likes to dance with the audience between games and can we see more of him please?

[Rachel] That’s our Set PA Matt who has mad dancing skills. I think we should see more of him because he entertains the crowd, talent, and crew. I catch George staring at him a lot!

Has Aaron Paul returned to visit since he got famous?

[Rachel] Not yet, but we hope he will! He’s welcome any time!

Are all the cars manual transmission?

[Stan] No. Lots of automatics too.

Who makes all those funny Zonk prizes? Do people have the option to keep them?

[Adam] Good question for the Let’s Make A Deal AMA… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Zeppelin or Sabbath?

[Adam] Tough call… but I’m going with Zeppelin

Have you ever thought of having viewer-submitted games, or having viewers chime in on what games should be played on any given day?

[Adam] Yep, didn’t you catch #UDecide Week? Our Twitter followers made decisions about the show all week long and it was a ton of fun.