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Hi, I’m Zane Lamprey and I drink and travel the world for a living on TV, AMA

Cheers Reddit!
I am Zane Lamprey and I drink and travel for a living. You may know me from my past shows Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy, but now I am happy to say that I will be at it again with my new show Chug which is premiering tonight at 10:30pm on National Geographic Channel.

I had a blast answering your questions last year when we were raising money for Chug on Kickstarter. Thanks to the help of Reddit and the fans, Chug was able to reach its goal and become the first ever crowdfunded television show! Woohoo.
For those who don’t know me, I have been to over 60 countries with the purpose of exploring the local drinking cultures and imbibing exotic drinks. I’ve enjoyed everything from extremely over-priced champagne to liquor with dead animals (snakes, scorpions, etc) in it.
I also make drinking apparel from time-to-time and have a new kickstarter for The Drinking Jacket: The Ultimate Drinking Accessory.
I’ll be answering questions over the next few hours so AMA.

What’s the most effective hangover remedy you’ve come across(and don’t say moderation)?

No! It’s herbal tea. I had it in Jamaica. I think you can also get it in Colorado. It is good for the hangover – but makes you useless for the day!

Thoughts on the new show coming out called: Booze Traveler on The Travel Channel?

It’s aggravating that Travel Channel didn’t give Three Sheets a shot, passed on Chug, and then came out with a show that’s basically Three Sheets… If I didn’t have Chug coming out, I would be livid. But, since NatGeo has been so amazing, and I’m confident in Chug, I’m more like “Bring it on!!!”

Is traveling the world and getting trashed as glorious as I hope?

Well, yes, it is glorious – in that I get to visit so many exotic places. But it is work… But I am drinking while I’m working… So, yes, it IS glorious!

What was your favorite beer you ever had on Three Sheets?

Tough question! I LOVE BEER. It would easier to pick a favorite sibling! I choose my sister – sorry Dan!
Pleepleus is a wreck! He’s nervous about tonight’s premiere!

What’s the hardest conflict that you’ve had with Pleepleus and how did you two resolve it?

Pleepleus is a bit of a prima donna. He started off as just a stuff monkey that was hidden in the show for the drinking game, but because of fans, he thinks of himself as the cornerstone of the show. He’s become difficult…

What does Steve’s beard smell like?

Wet dog… and cheese… old people… and beer.

I see you have a kickstarter for a drinking jacket. Can you convince my wife that its not going “to be a cheap hoodie” so I can buy a few for Christmas gifts this year?

It’s very much not a “cheap” hoodie. I made a prototype of it a few years ago. I loved it so much that I wanted a grey one. I was wearing it when I went to visit the Kickstarter office and they convinced me to Kickstart it because they wanted one for themselves. So, it’s first a hoodie that I wear and love, and second a “novelty” hoodie. I love mine. It’s a quality hoodie.

When can I get some Monkey Rum in the midwest?

Not yet. We’re rolling out slow and steady. I’ve seen too many companies get too big too fast. So, we’re rolling out in NYC (last summer), CA and FL. Illinois will be next – probably this summer. Thank you!

What’s the worst thing you had to drink?

Gaoliang in Tai Pei that was infused with snake penises! HORRIBLE!

NBC has just called and asked to make a sitcom based on your life. Who plays you? Who plays Steve?

I play me. Zach Galifianakis plays Steve.

What are your thoughts on the consistent growth of breweries/craft beer industry in the US?

I love the craft beer “movement” and don’t see it slowing down any time soon. Not while I’m drinking it!

You get to drink and travel for work. I do that for vacation. What’s your ideal vacation?

Someplace warm with nothing to do, or someplace old and cool with lots to explore… with my wife.

Was there an episode you couldn’t finish filming because of being intoxicated?

Nope! I power through!

Is the the podcast ever coming back?

We recorded a podcast to go along with every episode of Chug. So, there will be podcasts for the next six weeks and then we’ll decide it we’ll keep it going. Ultimately it never made money… And I have employees to pay, so that is a crucial reason for why we put that on hold.

What is your personal favorite beer/drink? And where can I get it?

Well, it sounds like a corporate answer, but I love Monkey Rum – that’s what I made it. You can get it at a lot of places in NYC. Three Monkeys bar in Manhattan has it!

What’s the best bartending or alcohol related MacGuyver moment you had on or off camera?

I love sharing stuff. I sabered a beer bottle with a fork. That’s pretty dammed MacGuyver!

Do you ever have days where you say, “ugh, I cannot drink today?”

Yyyyyup! But I do anyway. Man’s gotta work!

Why was Marc Ryan off the show before the end of Drinking Made Easy?

He needed to spread his wings.

What was your first real craft beer you consumed that got you turned on to embrace craft beer and all it has to offer?

If Sam Adams counts, they that was my gateway beer.

What is your go-to non-alcoholic beverage of choice?

I like Kombucha….

What are some bucket list places you’ve never been but really want to go and could see yourself doing an episode for?

Paris (been there, but haven’t shot there) Switzerland Mainland China India And any tropical island with a train!

What was your favourite contest you did with Steve?

I liked the keg walk (Drinking Made Easy : Santa Fe). We shot it in Napa, but put it in the Santa Fe episode. We came up with the challenges in episode four, so had to shoot a few to put in earlier episode.

What’s the most fucked up thing you have seen in your job?

Well, you might think I have a drunken story for this. But the most fucked up thing I’ve seen is poverty. It messes me up. When I see malnourished children living in squalor, it makes me re-think my life. It’s very sobering… and sad.

What’s the most unusual drink you’ve ever had?

Anything with something dead floating in it – dead snakes, geckos, frogs, an armadillo. Drinking that will change a man!

When just hanging out at the house, do you find yourself drinking craft beers more or do you stick to something like the Bud, Coors, or Miller?

I drink everything. I’m not a craft beer snob. My fridge is impressively stocked with all kinds of beers.

Can we expect you to be bringing along any new drinking buddies on Chug that we haven’t met yet?

Steve shows up briefly. But I certainly do make a lot of friends!

Have you ever spent anytime behind the stick or was it all just practice that you got from the show?

I’m not that great of a bartender. I was when I was in college. I do know what I’m doing, and know the booze well, but I’m out of practice and would be horrible. I’m better on the other side of the stick.

Considering how much you drink on the show, does coming home after a hard day, and having a drink, have the same affect?

I still like watching a movie with a drink in my hand – even after a long day of “working”.

What do you think it takes to get your own show? When/how did you decide to go all in?

You have to be a little bit nuts. And not listen to anyone else. It’s a long, hard road that is full of competition. I kind of always knew I’d be an entertainer – along with tens of thousands of others out here in LA.