Heather Brewer

heather brewer

Heather Brewer, sex therapist who focuses on client-centered, somatic therapy with emphasis on sex-positivity, gender expression, and neurodiversity.

Ben Folds

ben folds

Ben Folds, singer-songwriter well known as the frontman and pianist of Ben Folds Five, releases a new album with the Nashville Symphony.

College Janitor

college janitor

A janitor at one of the biggest party colleges in the country answers questions about his work and the crazy things he’s seen on the job.

Amelia Earhart

amelia earhart

Amelia Earhart, the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine aircraft, provides flight training scholarships to high school aged girls.

Staff Sargent with OSS in WWII

staff sargent

Former Staff Sargent was sworn to secrecy for 65 years and can finally talk about his life as an OSS agent during WWII.

Rod Roddenberry

rod roddenberry

Meet Rod Roddenberry, son of legendary Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and creator of a 360 degree film experience called White Room: 02B3.

International Group of Theoretical Physicists

international group of theoretical physicists

The international group of theoretical physicists answer questions about paradoxes of black holes, hawking radiation, and the mysteries of the Universe.

Nina Hartley

nina hartley

Nina Hartley, thirty-one year veteran of adult entertainment and author of “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex” answers questions about sex, politics, and porn.

Event Horizon Telescope Project

event horizon telescrope project

Scientists with the Event Horizon Telescope Project looking to capture images of a black hole answer questions about telescopes, astronomy, and black holes.

Sonya Petcavich

sonya petcavich

Sonya Petcavich, founder & CEO of Meowtel.com and former big tobacco employee, answers questions about her new business and former tobacco industry career.

Lil Dicky

lil dicky

Comedic rapper, Lil Dicky, is here to answer your questions about his front page Reddit music videos and his newly released album “Professional Rapper”.

Texts.com Team

Texts.com / Occupy The Bookstore

The team from Texts.com and the Occupy The Bookstore Chrome Plugin answer questions about the college textbook industry.

Alex Oldhouser

alex oldhouser

Alex Oldhouser, 25 year old podcaster, is slowly going blind, after being diagnosed w/ glaucoma and macular degeneration the day before starting high school.

Camel Tourism Operator

camel tourism operator

Everything you ever wanted to know about camel tourism from a Camel Tourism Operator with Red Sun Camels, a family business in Australia.

Charlie Sanders

charlie sanders

Charlie Sanders, a 17 year old who beat Stage 2A Favorable Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, shares his views on how positivity helped him battle and beat cancer.